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The G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit was held last week at the Cash Rules Everything Around Me Festival in Yokohama, Japan. In attendance was G.R.L. (Mother Cell), G.R.L. Utah, G.R.L. Brazil, G.R.L. Australia, G.R.L. Tokyo, G.R.L. Yokohama G.R.L. Kyoto & Tokyo F.A.T. (in absentia G.R.L. Mexico, G.R.L. Houston & G.R.L. Vienna).

Tokyo F.A.T.:

There are more photos up here, and there is a live stream of the first ever Tokyo F.A.T. & F.A.T. (Mother Cell) meet up here (however I suggest skipping forward until at least 25:30 when we are done forcing people to eat vegemite).

There are too many people to thank and shout out, but I hope I see you all again at the G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit 2010 (if not sooner).

P.S, big ups to G.R.L. Houston’s new release of Texas Big Face (complete w/ HOW TO):

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Posted on November 8, 2009


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Blogging from the press opening at the CREAM International Festival for Arts & Media Yokohama 2009. TEMPT1 and EyeWriter are on display as part of the Graffiti Research Lab World exhibition (more on that soon).

Original EyeWriter upload from TEMPT1:

As painted in Yokohama:

If you’re in Yokohama we’ll be doing EyeWriter demo sessions @ 5p today and tomorrow at the CREAM venue.

Posted on October 30, 2009


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I have FREE stickers for anyone interested in taking part in an upcoming exhibition, Printeresting: One Every Day, at the EFA Project Space in New York City next week. Instructions are simple…. email your mailing address to stickers[at] When the stickers arrive in the mail put them up in a location that you find appropriate, take a picture and email me back the photo to the same email address. All photos will be added to a loop on display in the gallery for the length of the exhibition. If you are in NYC you can pick up free stickers at the gallery after Nov. 5th (location listed below), or you can make your own with any of the the following files ( .pdf | .png | .eps | .ai ).

email – stickers[at]

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
323 West 39th St., 2nd Floor
NY, New York 10018

November 5 – December 19
Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 7
6-9 PM


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Posted on October 29, 2009


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Footage from F.A.T. involvement in last weeks BLK River Festival. (Apologies in advance for the non-gender-neutral audio… I tried really hard to resist the urge of using a FATBOYS track and lost).

Aram Bartholl: Are You Human?

Tobi Leingruber: Skatekeyboard

James Powderly & Jihoi Lee: Baltimore

Evan Roth w/ Chris Sugrue: Digital Blackbook (Graffiti Analysis 2.0)

Tempt1 / EyeWriter Team:

Tempt1 w/ the eyes, Miz Justice w/ the hands:

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Posted on October 27, 2009


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