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The G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit was held last week at the Cash Rules Everything Around Me Festival in Yokohama, Japan. In attendance was G.R.L. (Mother Cell), G.R.L. Utah, G.R.L. Brazil, G.R.L. Australia, G.R.L. Tokyo, G.R.L. Yokohama G.R.L. Kyoto & Tokyo F.A.T. (in absentia G.R.L. Mexico, G.R.L. Houston & G.R.L. Vienna).

Tokyo F.A.T.:

There are more photos up here, and there is a live stream of the first ever Tokyo F.A.T. & F.A.T. (Mother Cell) meet up here (however I suggest skipping forward until at least 25:30 when we are done forcing people to eat vegemite).

There are too many people to thank and shout out, but I hope I see you all again at the G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit 2010 (if not sooner).

P.S, big ups to G.R.L. Houston’s new release of Texas Big Face (complete w/ HOW TO):

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Posted on November 8, 2009



  1. juliec says:

    This is really neat!

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  5. […] held at CREAM International Festival for Arts and Media in Yokohama, Japan. Get the full story @ (FAT LAB). G.R.L. Houston would like to thank everyone who made it […]

  6. Richard says:

    Wow! SO many GRL’s I didn’t know existed. I will definitely check out Kyoto’s next semester.

    Also, the okonomiyaki looked soo yummmyyyy! Argh!

    Awesome stuff, GRL/FAT.

  7. redirector says:

    w00t for htown gotta meet back up w/ kirk and the other guys sometime soon here

  8. says:

    GRL was here!!
    Evan Roth and James Powderly in Japan now to participate the International Festival of Art and Media Yokohama (CREAM) and GRL Kyoto. Some of the FAT Tokyo member has succeeded on sneaking into CREAM as a intern to help out the GRL presentation. Other members unofficially obtained the invitation to the reception party (which was like a Ponzi scheme party!), got some free beers and B class gourmet food and pressed ahead with laser tag onto to the outside wall. A few days later, we gathered again for FAT Tokyo meet in Shinjyuku, Tokyo. We started out having the Japanese DIY food, Okonomiyaki, and than talked about the fuckgoogle project for Transmediale in Berlin over Shochu. See what will come out from Tokyo FAT members in the future posts.

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