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The Aram Bartholl curated SPEED SHOW vol.1: TELE-INTERNET was a big success last Friday. “Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night.” Art galleries had their chance, we’re moving to Internet Cafes. The openings are less pretentious, the gallery doesn’t take 50% and the internet always works. The piece I showed is linked below.

WARNING…. this page contains NSFW audio and an irresponsible amount of animated gifs that may crash your browser. If you are not technically prepared for the ensuing browser party you can view the screen capture video below.

Animated Gif Mashup – Dance Sequence #001:[21][f][21][w]=&d[21][h]=200&d[21][x]=920&d[21][y]=100&d[20][f][20][w]=300&d[20][h]=&d[20][x]=850&d[20][y]=350&d[19][f][19][w]=150&d[19][h]=&d[19][x]=700&d[19][y]=150&d[18][f][18][w]=150&d[18][h]=&d[18][x]=&d[18][y]=200&d[17][f][17][w]=100&d[17][h]=&d[17][x]=650&d[17][y]=400&d[16][f][16][w]=300&d[16][h]=&d[16][x]=1000&d[16][y]=550&d[15][f][15][w]=300&d[15][h]=&d[15][x]=350&d[15][y]=100&d[14][f][14][w]=500&d[14][h]=&d[14][x]=25&d[14][y]=220&d[13][f][13][w]=300&d[13][h]=&d[13][x]=700&d[13][y]=500&d[12][f][12][w]=300&d[12][h]=&d[12][x]=450&d[12][y]=550&d[11][f][11][w]=200&d[11][h]=&d[11][x]=200&d[11][y]=600&d[10][f][10][w]=100&d[10][h]=&d[10][x]=&d[10][y]=600&d[9][f][9][w]=300&d[9][h]=&d[9][x]=1000&d[9][y]=250&d[8][f][8][w]=300&d[8][h]=&d[8][x]=700&d[8][y]=350&d[7][f][7][w]=250&d[7][h]=&d[7][x]=500&d[7][y]=400&d[6][f][6][w]=250&d[6][h]=&d[6][x]=250&d[6][y]=400&d[5][f][5][w]=300&d[5][h]=&d[5][x]=&d[5][y]=300&d[4][f][4][w]=200&d[4][h]=&d[4][x]=1000&d[4][y]=&d[3][f][3][w]=200&d[3][h]=&d[3][x]=800&d[3][y]=&d[2][f][2][w]=400&d[2][h]=&d[2][x]=450&d[2][y]=&d[1][f][1][w]=&d[1][h]=&d[1][x]=&d[1][y]=&d[0][f][0][w]=300&d[0][h]=&d[0][x]=140&d[0][y]=&!!!!!

(tiny URL =

This also marks the release of Animated Gif Mashup 2.0, which now includes audio and background image tiling! For examples of AGM2.0 in use please view the following:

Long and Hard (NSFW audio)
Get Out My Face (NSFW audio)
G Thang

Make your own and leave them in the comments!!!! (TinyURL might help)

Source code is available here.

For more information on the first Speed Show go here. It was a great lineup:

– Jon Cates (US)
– Constant Dullaart (NL)
– Dragan Espenschied (DE)
– Geraldine Juarez (MX)
– Tobias Leingruber (DE)
– Olia Lialina (RU)
– Moddr (NL/AT/RU)
– Johannes P Osterhoff (DE)
– Evan Roth (US)
– Ralph Schulz (DE)
– Paul Slocom (US)

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Posted on June 14, 2010


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Test your skills (no copy and pasting!):


Posted on May 2, 2010


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Rhizome’s 7 on 7 event took place this weekend. I had the opportunity to work with Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) on a 24 hour speed project. Together we implemented a series of opt-in interventions in the admin / Dashboard section of WordPress. The project is now live on all 12 million WordPress hosted blogs. You can activate it by clicking the “surprise me” option in your Personal Settings page.

For more information you can view Matt’s Surprise Me post on Business Week and the New York Times also covered the event. Video of the presentation should be available shortly at

The current “fun mode” features we have implemented include Humanized Statistics, 2X Publish and Sacred Acts of Publishing. More info on each listed below:

Humanized Statistics: A different way of thinking about your stats. The new “humanize” tab in the stats panel displays photos from towns with populations matching the current daily number of visitors to your blog.

2X Scale Publish Button: A small step towards making the publish button visually reflect its importance and power over other lesser buttons.

Sacred Acts of Publishing: Positive reinforcement for the often solitary act of publishing. Upon hitting the publish button, users may experience a video playback of backboard-shattering slam dunks, game show victories or epic slow claps. You may be alone in your bedroom at 3am when you finally hit the publish button, but that’s no reason not to receive a round of high fives and a chest bump:

This is an example of what you might see in your admin panel shortly after hitting the publish button:

And this is a dramatic reenactment of the user experience:

Big thanks to Rhizome for the invitation to take part in such an amazing event. And huge props to Matt, who was a pleasure to work with. Hopefully we’ll be rolling out some new “fun mode” features soon.


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Posted on April 20, 2010


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Benjamin Gaulon (aka recyclism) has converted his graffiti writing paint ball robot, PrintBall, to be compatible with Graffiti Markup Language (GML).

Tempt1 (in Los Angeles) drew this tag with his eyes using the EyeWriter software, where it was converted to Graffiti Markup Language (GML), and uploaded it to the online GML database 000000book. The tag was then downloaded by Benjamin (in Dublin), imported into his PrintBall robot and blasted onto a wall.

Huge props to Benjamin for getting this all working. Make sure to check out his other projects at

(More photos here.)

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Posted on March 9, 2010


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