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When I’m not getting, I go to Burning Man and make some art with a crew called Image Node.

To further this, I’ve made an open-source DIY blinky kit that you can assemble at the FATlab this Saturday. 28 LEDs, 4″ square, runs off an AVR Mega168 and two LED drivers.


Check it out here

Posted on July 15, 2008



  1. jdubs says:

    wuts Saturday?

  2. todd says:

    Blinky Tupperware Party, 1-9 @ the FATlab. Come over and solder up a blinky. Then you’re a hippie. Hippie.

  3. Tod’s mention of Burning Man is his sole opinion and not necessarily a reflection or endorsement by any of the crew.

  4. todd says:

    Indeed, do not confuse the crew with a bunch of hippies, or ravers, or bunnies, or faux desert survivalists, or pervs. Feel free to confuse me with a bunny, though, esp. if I’m wearing a bunny suit.

  5. todd this image desperately needs to be replaced with a blinky animated gif

  6. dopesauce says:

    Can this be modified in some way to either:

    A.) Make the hippes get a job
    B.) Clean the hippies in some way
    C.) Kill the hippies

    Just wondering.

    Also, I hate hippies.

  7. Oh please don’t confuse the burners with hippies. Burners have way more money and are more likely to hold a law degree or MBA.

    And, as annoying as hippies can be, at least they’re not violent.

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