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Once again it is time to mark the door with the blood of the lamb!   So God will not smite our children!  Remember to mark your doors!

A Passover Seder 2009

Or See Them All Here — the 2009 edition is downloadable in editable ODF and DOC formats for your next secular religous ritual. Which should be Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Posted on April 7, 2009


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In honor of today’s plummet: Think socialism for the rich is Not OK? Think the US economy is toast whether or not an Epic Failout is passed? Install this Firefox plugin and go visit your favorite economics blog!

Epic Failout!

Shamelessly adapted from someone’s anti-obscenity Greasemonkey script.

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Posted on September 29, 2008


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When I’m not getting, I go to Burning Man and make some art with a crew called Image Node.

To further this, I’ve made an open-source DIY blinky kit that you can assemble at the FATlab this Saturday. 28 LEDs, 4″ square, runs off an AVR Mega168 and two LED drivers.


Check it out here

Posted on July 15, 2008


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Just in time for Passover!

12 years of DIY ritual, with Haggadahs, recipes, and enough sloppy radical political commentary to ruin any family gathering. Editable versions to customize your 2008 ritual. Throw your own Seder!

was a hero to most
but he never meant shit to me!

2008 Cover

Posted on April 18, 2008


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