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I’m a fan of the new Facebook design. I had a few issues, though, so I made a Firefox extension to make it more readable (and remove all the ads). See the before and after screenshots below.

» Click to install ‘Fix New Facebook’

Before Fix New Facebook

The changes…
Plan for fixing the new Facebook

After Fix New Facebook

The extension is simply a compiled Greasemonkey userscript that adds a few CSS styles → fix-new-facebook.user.js

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Posted on July 24, 2008



  1. borna says:

    definitely more readable now.

  2. chris says:

    cool… next up, fixing the new delicious?


  3. jamie dubs says:

    ….what’s wrong with the new delicious?

  4. dude, new delish, not so cool.
    first off, put the dot.s bac.k in th.e URL
    display the actual URLs of each bookmark.
    shit is so spread out now, better when it was condensed.
    Don’t need so much definition between dates.
    nearly crashes my browser when I go to view my 2275 “All Tags”

  5. orangetiki says:

    doesn’t work anymore / or in FF3

  6. jamie dubs says:

    as of oct it doesn’t seem to be working

    looking into a fix

    it’s up on Github for any developmentally inclined

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