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The FAT GOLD exhibition opening at the Gray Area Grand Theatre is happening this Thursday!

(Full info here: )

Come over an meet some of our OG FAT members from around the world. In attendance: Aram Bartholl, Becky Stern, Dan Moore, David Renault, Evan Roth, Golan Levin, Greg Leuch, Maddy Varner, Magnus Eriksson, Mathieu Tremblin, Randy Sarafan, Tobias Leingruber, Bennett Williamson and Zachary Liebermann.

The exhibition is curated by Lindsay Howard and will be on display until May 31st.

2665 Mission St (Btw 22nd & 23rd)
San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Thursday, May 21th
7pm – 11pm


Posted on May 18, 2015


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LAUNCH EVENT: Friday, March 2nd; 19:00; Supermarkt Berlin

The FB Bureau of Identity is handing-out personal identification cards for Facebook citizens at Supermarkt Berlin.

Be the first among your friends to pick-up your FB identification card and help us alpha-testing the future! Next time someone needs to “see your ID” – How about showing a Facebook ID card instead of the documents your government gave you?

RSVP via Facebook
Link to High-Res Image

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Posted on February 24, 2012


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F.A.T. Lab and G.R.L. Germany invite you to join our BERLIN PUB CRAWL.

By the motto “Keeping’ Berlin Classy” we’ll meet this Sat. 9pm, to start a Pub Crawl tour to visit Berlin’s finest locations.

GRL Germany is accompanying the tour with the “Light Rider” bike, which’ll come with MUSIC and FREE, HOT GLÃœHWEIN!!!!!

Pls RSVP via comment, email or on Facebook

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Posted on October 24, 2011


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Force-occupy any website! “Occupy The Internet – The Service”

This is how it works:

  1. Type URL into form on or add it directly in the URL bar.
  2. Take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and put it to our comments!
  3. Profit Share the occupied websites on twitter!

Recapitulation: More than 100 webmasters have joined the online protest and added the animated GIF army to their websites today. A Safari Extension and a Chrome Extension have been released (Major Firefox Add-on by @gleuch coming-up next)

Credits: This service is part of “Occupy The Internet”, a F.A.T. Lab Production. Collaborators:Theo, Jerry, Jamie, Greg, Evan, Aram and Tobias.
This specific part was created by Tobias and the awesome COLO

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Posted on October 20, 2011


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