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Experience the censored Chinese internet at home!

The Firefox add-on China Channel offers internet users outside of China the ability to surf the web as if they were inside mainland China. Take an unforgetable virtual trip to China and experience the technical expertise of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (supported by western companies). It’s open source, free and easy.

Watch the fffffat screencast:

This project is currently exhibited at the “Videotage” in Hong Kong (6.10.-4.11.2008)
Two computers are connected to a single keyboard and mouse allowing visitors to control both identical machines at the same time while using just a single input device. The only difference between the two internet terminals is their network connection; one machine is connected to the less restricted internet in Hong Kong, while the other is connected to the internet through a connection point in the mainland of China.

Videotage Hong Kong

China Channel was developed by Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth and Tobias Leingruber (consulted by LM4K and Jamie Wilkinson.)

Download the CCFF add-on on and experience the Chinese censorship now!

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The absolutely romantic Hook-up Log

This is the logfile of couples, that were brought together by Lovebot,
an automatic Hook-Up Bot that was going through the German Facebook (

Turn up your MIDI Sound and enjoy

Der absolut romantische Kuppellog

No Midi? Check this clip:

See also the english project documentation here, or the full one here (in German)

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Posted on October 22, 2008


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The (once-more) totally innovative Adobe CS4 Suite will be released soon, for only 3430.99 Euros (Master Edition). There is also a cheap student version available. GREAT! I always wanted to become a milk cow, and of course I’ll totally pay for the training.

Btw, to everyone who spent $10,000 on revolutionary Adobe Software in the last 5 years, check out this sketchpad video from 1963:

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Posted on September 29, 2008


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Posted on August 13, 2008


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