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LAUNCH EVENT: Friday, March 2nd; 19:00; Supermarkt Berlin

The FB Bureau of Identity is handing-out personal identification cards for Facebook citizens at Supermarkt Berlin.

Be the first among your friends to pick-up your FB identification card and help us alpha-testing the future! Next time someone needs to “see your ID” – How about showing a Facebook ID card instead of the documents your government gave you?

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  1. ARAM says:

    damn! i ll need to sign up for FB again to get one of these … ;)

    awesome! looking fwd to the event!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Awesome! I love FB!

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  4. t says:

    I think I’ll make a card for Myspace Tom aswell…

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  6. Andre says:

    Sadly the website dosent work.
    Any other places where I could create this gem?

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