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Saddle up ffffatties, the hackers of NYC Resistor have challenged us to a one month Internet fame-off and it’s on. They don’t know who they’re messing with!

Feb 15th – March 15th — website hits, YouTube views, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, RSS subscribers… whoever posts the biggest gains wins. Grading will be conducted by Internet Famous Class technology.

Official war page w/ preliminary stats is available here.

Join up with the FAT Army and help us go big:
* sign up for our new Facebook group
* follow to receive frontline dispatches (also Tobi, Aram, Becky, and myself)
* prepare to have your face melted by an amazing slew of new projects this month from the FAT
* tell your friends

It’s go time baby! Scheme in the comments

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Posted on February 17, 2009


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I’ll be moderating a panel at the ROFLCON NYC event this Saturday (Jan. 24th) with fffffellow ffffatties Steve Lambert and Tobi Leingruber (@ 2:45pm; just before Bre Pettis among others)

We will be talking about Firefox-based art projects like Add-Art, China Channel, Tourettes Machine, and how to win the internet

We’ll also present Artzilla, our new repository for Firefox add-on projects usually denied from listing on the universe for being *cough* “useless art.”

New York City ROFLThing
*When:* January 24th, 2009
*Where:* Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY)

Featuring Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), the creator of Comic Sans, the founder of 4chan, Bre Pettis and a host of others to be announced.

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Posted on January 23, 2009


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A visualization of people who’ve contributed to the Barack Obama page on Wikipedia. Users who edit a lot drift toward the center. Best watched full screen in HD!

Visualized using code_swarm (Processing) and my new Wikipedia page history parser Wikiswarm (Ruby). Code and instructions on how to make your own visualizations can be found in the README or on

Music is from DJ Z-Trip’s Obama Mix.

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Posted on November 7, 2008


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John McCain:

Jamie Dubs:




I’m archiving any and all photos at Do the zombie shuffle and leave a comment!

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Posted on October 16, 2008


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