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Saddle up ffffatties, the hackers of NYC Resistor have challenged us to a one month Internet fame-off and it’s on. They don’t know who they’re messing with!

Feb 15th – March 15th — website hits, YouTube views, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, RSS subscribers… whoever posts the biggest gains wins. Grading will be conducted by Internet Famous Class technology.

Official war page w/ preliminary stats is available here.

Join up with the FAT Army and help us go big:
* sign up for our new Facebook group
* follow to receive frontline dispatches (also Tobi, Aram, Becky, and myself)
* prepare to have your face melted by an amazing slew of new projects this month from the FAT
* tell your friends

It’s go time baby! Scheme in the comments

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Posted on February 17, 2009



  1. michi says:

    looks like youre in cahoots togeher, fake battle to become moer popular?

  2. evan says:

    The 5th ‘f’ in stands for Fame.

  3. Timo says:

    Looks like an easy win guys!

    greetings from r’dam!
    T. (the other pirate… ‘wink’)

  4. […] hackers de NYC Resistor han retado al colectivo, también Newyorkino, FAT Lab a una guerra de popularidad en los medios digitales, la cual inició el 15 de febreró y terminará […]

  5. maybe by calling this a hacker war we can get some nice h8/traffic from 4real h4xzors

  6. freckle says:

    What’s at stake?

  7. Randy says:

    I’m not in cahoots with anyone. I’ve been taking advantage of “gun break” at work to train for this scenario. I’m leaving for New York in two days to set things straight.

  8. jamie dubs says:

    Stakes are currently
    1. mad props
    2. one week restyling of enemy’s website

  9. […] By entering into this challenge, you can win a laser cut FAT Stencil T-shirt (for that perfect tan). You will also become eligible for the chance to have your name displayed on NYC Resistor’s website header for a day after we pwn them in the Hacker War […]

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