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I’ll be moderating a panel at the ROFLCON NYC event this Saturday (Jan. 24th) with fffffellow ffffatties Steve Lambert and Tobi Leingruber (@ 2:45pm; just before Bre Pettis among others)

We will be talking about Firefox-based art projects like Add-Art, China Channel, Tourettes Machine, and how to win the internet

We’ll also present Artzilla, our new repository for Firefox add-on projects usually denied from listing on the universe for being *cough* “useless art.”

New York City ROFLThing
*When:* January 24th, 2009
*Where:* Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY)

Featuring Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), the creator of Comic Sans, the founder of 4chan, Bre Pettis and a host of others to be announced.

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Posted on January 23, 2009



  1. bennett4senate says:

    yo jamie get me in

    P.S. Jamie = Usain Bolt of ROFLcon:

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