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I’m a fan of the new Facebook design. I had a few issues, though, so I made a Firefox extension to make it more readable (and remove all the ads). See the before and after screenshots below.

» Click to install ‘Fix New Facebook’

Before Fix New Facebook

The changes…
Plan for fixing the new Facebook

After Fix New Facebook

The extension is simply a compiled Greasemonkey userscript that adds a few CSS styles → fix-new-facebook.user.js

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Posted on July 24, 2008


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“when LOL just doesn’t cut it.”

Printed on high-quality Apparelle Americaine, available in the FFFFF.AT T-shirt Shoppe

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Posted on June 13, 2008


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Serious Biz flyer, June 7 2008

Another free dance party from FFFFF.AT DJ crew, this time a Saturday gig. Disco, boogie, funk, hip-hop, 9pm ’till late late late

Open bar starting at 9pm, sponsored by Rocketboom & (say ‘rocketboom’ or ‘blip’ at the door). Internet Week celebration, Brooklyn style.

Savalas, 285 Bedford Ave [map]
Williasmburg Brooklyntown USA

* Mike McGill
* Bennett4$enate
* Biedermann
* Jamie Dubs

MP3s from our last jawn: 05.29.08

[audio: Part 2.mp3]
[audio: Part 3.mp3]
[audio: Part 4.mp3]

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Dudes. Steve’s giving out $100 to make a remix of his Add-Art screencast. Here’s mine. It only took me 10 minutes. Holy crap, if I win I’d be getting paid $600 per hour.

Jamie Dubs – “Slambertcast” (3.1MB MP3)


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Posted on June 4, 2008


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