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Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Make some noise !! Free Ai Weiwei !!

Drag and drop the link below to your bookmarks tool bar above (tutorial below). Hit the FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet in desired situation while you surf the web! Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Post your screen shots in the comments!

Ai Weiei – FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet

FUCK OFF !! Deutsche Bank, BMW and Siemens for keeping their mouths shut about Ai Weiwei’s arrest. Yes, just keep sponsoring art shows and culture in China and pretend nothing has happend …. FUCK OFF !!!

by Aram Bartholl 2011

‘How to’ bookmaklet GIF tutorial:

Based on the awesome

>> Kanye Vision Bookmarklet <

by Evan Roth & Tobias Leingruber 2009

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“The Internet is the place where we meet, speak, create, educate ourselves and organize. However, as we are at a turning point in early web history, it could either become a prime tool for improving our societies, knowledge and culture, or a totalitarian tool of suveillance and control. As a host of the G8, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy wants to step up centralized control over the Internet. He has convened world leaders to a summit aimed at working towards a “civilized Internet”, a concept he borrowed from the Chinese government…”

See also: Fight back against Sarkozy’s EG8 — an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit

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Posted on May 24, 2011


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Make sure to dust off your art works once in a while! Keep ‘em bright and shiny!! ;)

‘Map’ at Gateways KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia,
(I need to make a pink version, the red doesn’t go along with FAT colors ;)


Posted on May 21, 2011


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I am getting ready for an onlineresidency !!  (which is an oxymoron i think ;) at GREAT DOMAIN ;) !!!  As a little teaser I came up with this compuserv-gif today. :)

(the original is fun too :)  by Pieterjan Ginckels )


Posted on May 12, 2011


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