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How to show off your tweets in real life.


‘Pocket Tweets’ ! Why not using the mobile phone as a personal public display?
Download PocketTweets.jar and see instructions.

Check all 4 versions of the Tweet Bubble Series which were developed during a three months residency at V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam ,NL. What would it be like to show your latest tweet in real life?!?

Link: 1st released on
All hardware development documentation and SOURCE CODE available here.

by Aram Bartholl 2009


Posted on June 29, 2009


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Participate !! Go out and wear the white glove in memory of the King of Pop on this weekend !!!


Get a white cotton glove at your local DIY store and wear it on your right(left?) hand for the whole weekend 26th-28th!! Show the white glove as a sign of sorrow and grief for our passed hero.
Check also the White Glove Tracking project!

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Posted on June 26, 2009


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A million thanks to my studio colleague Holger who made this transaction possible!

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Posted on June 10, 2009


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“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” Captcha codes are omnipresent on the web since a while and in a certain way they tell a lot about our relation to the machine world. I am waiting for the day when they will be extinct on the web (just a matter of time till software+cpu will be stronger) but maybe return in real life?

Read the full story and more pics here.
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“Are you human?” – Set of custom business cards

“Are you human?” – Urban intervention

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Posted on June 6, 2009


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