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“The Internet is the place where we meet, speak, create, educate ourselves and organize. However, as we are at a turning point in early web history, it could either become a prime tool for improving our societies, knowledge and culture, or a totalitarian tool of suveillance and control. As a host of the G8, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy wants to step up centralized control over the Internet. He has convened world leaders to a summit aimed at working towards a “civilized Internet”, a concept he borrowed from the Chinese government…”

See also: Fight back against Sarkozy’s EG8 — an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit

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Posted on May 24, 2011



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  5. Cleyre says:

    Censoring of and others plus covering the France G8 case brought attention to your site. In it you mention that Google search is incomparable to others. So a yahaoo and bing search was done. The differences were that Google would head a critical comment on a writer involved with Censorship all through his life, while Yahoo would keep that comment further away. Is Google really than that much superior? In what way could it be? Pleased for some help here by those more experienced. Oh yes: In case of Google some searches seem to be controlled manually. Possible they have an ”author’s dangerous list” much like the FBI and he/she becomes a target for counter-intelligence or a non-person.

  6. Digital trespassers in the analogue word…

    “In his art work Aram Bartholl thematizes the relationships between net data space and public every day life. In which form does the network data world manifest itself in our everyday life? What returns from cyberspace into physical space? How do digit…

  7. fruit_sniper says:

    nikola must be shot in the ass using shotgun loaded with large granular salt, he will be shot though. he is jewish, actually, although we all know that jews and israelis aren’t the same thing.

  8. fruit_sniper says:

    nikola is the shame of the france, and humanity. he does this because libyan leaders paid for his election and they told everyone it is so, so now nikola’s acting like an assole. civilized means being one with everything living including minerals babys

  9. fruit_sniper says:

    fuck nikola blyad nahui ebanniy vrot

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