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STEP ONE: Figure out how to navigate from one of the following projects [ (1) (2) (3) ] to your website using only a single button mouse.

1. From Guthrie’s project; scroll to the bottom, click “home” then go to “my links” which takes you to his If you’ve saved one of the same links he has up, you can easily navigate to your own delicious (via the “saved by X other people” link). And from there you can go anywhere you want, provided you’ve saved the link in advance.
2. From Jessica Ciocci’s Page; scroll to the bottom, click “Ancient & Accurate” then find the link that says “”. This will take you to a 404 page with a Google search field. By highlighting and dragging the other text on the page, you can essentially type whatever you want into Google. Every letter of the alphabet is represented on there, barring J, Q and Z, but you can prolly get by without them anyway.

Avoid this lady:

Make sure you got your BLING on

project page up HERE.


  1. evan says:


  2. powderly says:

    this is awesome Borna!

  3. Jeff says:

    Avoid This Ladyâ„¢ resembles a porcelain doll

  4. jamie dubs says:

    Borna layin down the hack!

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  6. Tracky says:

    I love how she used her museum staff id card to block your view!

  7. -_- says:

    this is hilarious- i know that girl, she should have swatted him harder

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  9. Martin says:

    Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.

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