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Lady fi5e hooked me up with this early b-day present last night. The Nokia N810 is an internet tablet device that that runs exclusively in Linux. Besides Mozilla based email and internet (which come installed by default) it’s been really easy to get things like ssh, mPlayer, Tor, Add Block, and Skype up and running (really good link on that here). Looking forward to messing around with this thing and cranking my nerd meter up a couple of clicks.


  1. drexel says:

    yeah you’ve clearly taken nerd to a new level. on the real though, there are a lot of secret things…apps etc. that ONLY work with nokia. for example… i almost switched back to nokia just for THAT.

  2. borna says:


  3. evan says:

    3/5/78….. My cake will have this many candles:


  4. jerry says:

    Welcome to the second round of teenagerism.!! it’s like 18 without the drama woo.

  5. Enochqi says:

    thank you, brother

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