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This is a video i made for the Crack & Shine project.
The book and the films for this project are dope.

Posted on February 13, 2012



  1. SKYBANK says:

    cmon, this nonsense tagging thing is like dogs leaving their shit on every corner – just a primitive adaption of the “repeat everywhere” mantra of commercialism paired with area-marking pseudo-manhood ape-brainism – taggers are just there and that´s ok, but pulling them up into the ART SPACE is ridicolous and an insult for all graf artists that actually are pushing wall pix to a new level of symbolism – vision-less can-only-taggers should not be confused with artists, they are more like politicians that want to have more power, not like people who want to change.

  2. Graf City says:

    definitely a primitive ape-brain – checked his works and he is a perfect representative of new american nonsense- destructivism, same category like genetically modified organisms, illminded financial industry and war on the poor – he is a perfect mirror of the things we do not like the US to be.
    Nothing to to with art, just primitive look-my-big-penism – a step back, like many things in society.

  3. sh1v says:

    What kind of fuckwit writes on a homeless person? I am dissapoint, FAT.

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