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Sure, anyone can count on their fingers, but how many of you out there can count in your head?

Starting from zero, let’s see how well you can count on mental power alone. You may count in any direction, at any interval and in any number set.

By entering into this challenge, you can win a laser cut FAT Stencil T-shirt (for that perfect tan). You will also become eligible for the chance to have your name displayed on NYC Resistor’s website header for a day after we pwn them in the Hacker War

Post your YouTube video showing us how well you can count in your head (see official rules below).

Official rules:
– All entries must be submitted as videos into the FAT Lab “Count in Your Head” Challenge group on YouTube
– You must count in your head for exactly one minute (start to finish).
– After the one minute period, you must write down and clearly display the number you counted to on a piece of paper.

Judging will be based upon:
– How well you can count
– How far you can count to
– Mathematical difficulty
– Personal style
– Ability to follow the contest rules

The winner will first be announced Wednesday February 25th on the FFFFFAT twitter feed. The winner will then be showcased on Thursday the 26th of February on this blog.

Posted on February 19, 2009



  1. fffffat,
    we’s wannas sees the feature winner here! at least i do ;) btw, you guys stomped NYC Resistor.

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