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The (once-more) totally innovative Adobe CS4 Suite will be released soon, for only 3430.99 Euros (Master Edition). There is also a cheap student version available. GREAT! I always wanted to become a milk cow, and of course I’ll totally pay for the training.

Btw, to everyone who spent $10,000 on revolutionary Adobe Software in the last 5 years, check out this sketchpad video from 1963:

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Posted on September 29, 2008



  1. coxy says:

    huh, he said flange.

  2. nick says:

    he said ffffflange

  3. orangetiki says:

    Ha that’s why I still use CS2. I will gladly wait until I would say hey I need that.

  4. King Dumb says:

    How much did ye pay for your copy of CS3 ?

    Not to mention ***dows


    kingdumb@kerry:~$ exif Desktop/just_the_cattle.jpg
    EXIF tags in ‘Desktop/just_the_cattle.jpg’ (‘Motorola’ byte order):
    Tag |Value
    Orientation |top – left
    x-Resolution |72.00
    y-Resolution |72.00
    Resolution Unit |Inch
    Software |Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
    Date and Time |2008:09:30 03:54:45
    Compression |JPEG compression
    x-Resolution |72.00
    y-Resolution |72.00
    Resolution Unit |Inch
    Color Space |Internal error (unknown value 65535).
    PixelXDimension |629
    PixelYDimension |412
    EXIF data contains a thumbnail (7257 bytes).

  5. tobi-x says:

    nice one! I was secretly waiting for someone to post it. Yeah the prob is GIMP’s interface sux, I hate Apple way more than Microsoft, and GNU/Linux is just too much of a business. Monday I’ll install Hardcore “Gentoo” on my computer…

  6. King Dumb says: ????

  7. express80 says:

    great…. guys check this

  8. Roy44 says:

    But the knowledge was purely empirical. ,

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