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Still Alive is a series of digital still life paintings created and remixed from found imagery (shout out to Google) and paintings available in the public domain. Most of the original paintings were by Dutch still life painter Rachel Ruysch. Shout to Pablo Gnecco for his help with image treatment!

The complete series will be IRL at gray area SF in May for the FAT exhibtion..

still life series for fat lab

still life series for fat lab

still life series for fat lab

still life series for fat lab

still life series for fat lab

Posted on April 30, 2015


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FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] 101:

We make it easy, since the FBI doesn’t.  Get your FBI file in 5 minutes or less.

Filing an Freedom of Information Act request on yourself or others with any department of the government can appear to be overwhelming, very buried and something that looks like you should hire a lawyer to do, but its really really easy— we promise, so easy its today’s SPEED PROJECT!!!!


Step 1: Are you a U.S. citizens or lawfully admitted alien?  Congrats! Proceed.

You have two options:

                         Option 1: You can fill out this form

                         Option 2: Write a request and sign it. We wrote it for you– just fill in the blanks.


Step 2: Submit the form or letter to the FBI, via email!



What happens now…?

What if I want to submit an FOIA on someone else? If you are requesting information about someone else try The website provides easy to use templates that allows you to simply fill in the blanks, and will take care of following up on the requests for you. There are lots of previous requests you can flip through. Note that you can only request information about people who are dead, so be sure to include this piece of information in your request.


Posted on February 4, 2015


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Do it yourself NSA poetry in 10 minutes or less!

NSA Poetry Kit

 It is as easy as, Step 1:

Blacking Out- How to

Step 2, strategic placement:


Step 3, self censorship right on your fridge!

Thanks NSA fridge poetry!





Click for more more more by Pablo Garcia and Addie Wagenknecht

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Valentines day is tomorrow, if you didn’t already make a dinner reservation 10 months ago you’re screwed. Inspired by Ai Weiwei, I made a 12 step program as a holiday gift guide just in time for Valentines day.

.. for overpriced roses

.. overpriced roses

FAT does ai weiwei for valentines day

.. FTD

..crappy white bears and bad chocolate

..bears and bad chocolate



.. growing up with fairy tales

.. over priced flowers

..and more overpriced flowers


.. and lipstick

.. and the lipstick aisles


.. for push up bras

.. for push up bras and underwear that rides up your butt


.. for uncomfortable positions in uncomfortable underwear

.. and reality made by Photoshop



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