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Follows are instructions on how to get a ton of 3D celebrity models for about $10. It takes about an afternoon to accomplish.

1) Get a DSLR and set lens to 35mm and aperture to F10
2) Go to your local wax museum
3) Take clear, crisp, bright pictures of each celebrity likeness from all angles
4) Download 123D Catch
5) Load the pictures one celebrity at a time into the software
6) Save the model as an .obj and do whatever you want with it.

The best part about going to the wax museum is they often have celebrities both living and dead. Historical figures? No problem. I now have a 3D model of the entire last supper.

For more detailed instructions and some of the models, check out the instructable.

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Posted on June 4, 2012


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All 11 performances (2 finales and 9 encores) of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Niggas In Paris from Friday’s Watch The Throne tour in Paris. (Easier to see full screen in HD mode.)

Posted on June 4, 2012


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Make your own gallery today! Curate awesome art from the Internetz and run your first show in 5 min!

You always dreamt to run your own gallery? This is your chance! Make your
own gallery in less than 5 minutes. Curate the best online shows ever!

  1. Dowload the ONLINE GALLERY PLAYSET (A3 or 2 pages A4)
  2. Print, cut and make your very own white cube.
  3. Curate awesome art from the Internetz.
  4. Develop a precise hanging layout. (…cut some frames)
  5. and install the art! (…match browser windows with frames)

BANG!! You just made your first show! Invite your
friends and play together. It‘s super easy and sooo much fun!!

Aram Bartholl 2012 for TAXI art magazin


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SOOOOOO.. You had kids but you also want a life?  SOLUTION:

The Optimization of Parenthood is a robot arm which reacts whenever a baby placed in the bassinet cries or awakes from sleep. The arm will speed up if the baby cries and it can also offer a bottle of milk or a favorite toy.

Broke parents are often pigeonholed into being full time parents, the cost of childcare sucks every penny away so even if they want to continue their creative work, they can’t economically swing it. Its often not so much a choice as it is, what we call The Default to Suck. As a result, the parent, and in reality, almost always the mother,  loses the very creative practice they spent an entire life building.  The result? We end up on medication, angry, depressed and/or bitches who need a shower.

If however, we could eliminate much of the routine, tedious, monotony of parenting while still continuing a creative practice we will have optimized the process of parenting without loses what makes us interesting. Automatic repetitive parenting task can be transferred to devices, without affecting ‘the development of the baby’ while still letting the parent live up to their fullest breeder and artistic potential.


Already have your robot arm laying around and just need the code to get your life back? Here you go.


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