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Behold! As Marvel marches each of our childhood comic heroes before the firing squad… The next head on the block: Wolverine, the prequel. He’s back, and this time — it’s “Dirt Style”!

Wolverine: Chopped$Screwed from James Howlet on Vimeo.

Drop the Chopped $ Screwed Wolverine Trailer [True HD] like its hot on Live Leak, RuTube (Russian Youtube), as well as Yourstrulytube.

A few screenshots for the weary…

Silver Surfer cameo:


Is this a Pink Floyd album cover:


First Michael Hutchence now Ryan Reynolds? How many more of our beloved entertainers will you take from us Autoerotic Asphyxiation?


Posted on April 8, 2009



  1. samuel says:

    This is beautiful.

  2. LM4K says:

    It looks vaguely familiar. I just can’t place where I have seen something like it before. It is a true masterpiece of our time.

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