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The Googlher is a device which plugs into your computer and triggers a bullet vibrator any time that Google pings your web browser (with the aid of The Googlher Firefox Add-on). By doing so, The Googlher translates Google’s pervasive reach into highly stimulating vibrations for vaginal or anal web browsing. Mistrust and fear Google’s omnipotent ways no longer as the web giant profoundly soothes, touches, and moves you. This is perhaps the biggest thing to happen to augmented reality since the invention of methamphetamine.

The Googlher was produced with both open source software and hardware. For full instructions on how to make your own, visit the instructions page.

The Googlher Firefox Add-on is based on Jamie Wilkinson’s Google Alarm.

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Posted on October 11, 2011



  1. Rae says:

    So…for those of us who aren’t tech savvy and clearly would mess this up. Where can we buy one? ;)

  2. […] aanmaken zonder dat vrouwlief zeurt? Heren opgelet, dat is nu mogelijk. Koppel het apparaat genaamd The Googlher aan een vibrator-ei en je hebt een excuus om lekker te browsen, surfen, trollen en te spammen alsof […]

  3. Daniela says:

    This is simply fantastic!! i want it! Someone could tell me when can i buy it?!?!

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