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Art aware hackers!! Your code can be art! Yes, no kidding!! Just follow the super easy tutorial below and make art today!!

Recent events have shown again that computer code and its power is still underestimated by the public and governments. The way software is written, it s quality, openess, closedness etc. has a very high impact on which way society is taking.  Some small changes or features in code can result in an enormous loss of democratic values or lead to a hidden surveillance state.  Because comparably only few people can read and understand code it is so important we communicate it, discuss it in public and make it art! :)

Congrats to the CCC for revealing and revers engeneering this incredible piece of software and to FAZ (a leading german news paper, circulation of 360.000) which went of the charts by printing 5 full pages assembler code. Awesome!

BOINGBOING: Chaos Computer Club cracks Germany’s illegal government malware, a trojan that spies on your PC and lets anyone off the street hijack it

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club published the sourcecode for a piece of malware used by the German government to spy on citizens. The software was discovered in the wild and reverse engineered. It can be used to spy on or control remote PCs. Because of flaws in the software, anyone who was infected with this by German police was vulnerable to spying by “anyone on the street.” The German supreme court banned the use of trojans to spy on German citizens in 2008. ….

solo show – Aram Bartholl
Oct. 12 – Dec. 11 2011
at MÖRDER Borsigstr. 1, 10115 Berlin

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Posted on October 12, 2011



  1. Greg Leuch says:

    Sooo many good quotes!

    “…some code you made or found….”

    “I recommend getting a black frame, because a black frame means you know what you are doing, and you are serious about it.”

  2. Alx says:

    What is that music in the background?
    Cool video, btw.
    Nicely satirical. Very well done.

  3. Aram says:

    sound track:
    ‘Watch the throne’ JayZ & Kanye West – ‘Why I love you’ feat. Mr Hudson

  4. Alx says:

    THx a lot Aram.!

  5. tbx says:

    btw, did you ever post the picture of Brad Pitt posing next to your candle piece right on that wall?

  6. hehe, not sure. it s on the project page though … but tönjes recently found another one from the same shooting” />

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