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As the Belieber fan mailz rolls in, you can see this and more of the highlights of my inbox and Twitter stream at Feed

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  1. sarah says:

    i hope you choke – leave bieber alone – WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?!! guys only hate JB cos most girl LURRRRV him – jealous!

  2. grog says:

    SO glad to have a way to clean up my browsing experience. Not being on Myspace was a start… this closes the rest of the loopholes for me.

    And no Sarah… we hate all annoying pop stars… Bieber just happens to be at the top of the annoying list right now. How would you like it if spam and crap from Iron Maiden or Tool was all over your browsing experience? What if your favorite radio station bombarded you with their music 24/7? You’d be crying too.

    Wake up you little shits. Your music sucks.

  3. biebs says:

    why would adults go out of their way to do something so sad to a younger boy..get a hobbie please..there obviously obsessed with bieber to go to all this trouble over him.. Concentrate on your own life loser.

  4. biebs says:

    Everyone knows that people that hate bieber are just jelous of him.. just be happy for someone else’s success and better things might happen to you!

  5. tim says:


  6. Captari_E92 says:

    Lmao these hate messages are hilarious. It just proves that beiber fans are fucking idiots. These people are worse than die hard kurt cobain fans. (no offence to cobain fans)

  7. Kevin says:


  8. Handles says:

    Bieberz by Handles

    Take a werd from yer Handles,
    Walk a mile in my sandles,
    De werld is a twisted place,
    Gettin tired of Bieberz face.
    I’m a man who gots no fear,
    I’ll make my werdz plain an clear,
    Limelite godhood isn’t swell,
    You’ll trade heaven in fer hell.

    All dose Bieberz fans R n00bs,
    Dey don’t evin got no boobs,
    Dey mite not evin sho it,
    But dey can all go blo it.
    De’ve got nothin to swagga,
    Got no bootie to shagga,
    De’ve got a skrach dey can’t itch,
    Can’t wait to shaddup deir bitch.

    His “art” is far from flawless,
    Like his fans can’t go brawless,
    Teenie-bopper gutter-snipez,
    Buy into de Bieber-hypez.
    Deir lozin all deir sensez,
    Chokin on small uffencez,
    Deir fightin fer him looks odd,
    If hez sucha demigod.

    Up an away – here we go,
    Dis Justin Bieberz doe-doe,
    Want to get him off dose screenz,
    An mess me up dose preteenz.
    Dey still ain’t got no boobies,
    Dose liddle Bieberz n00bies,
    I’m not lookin fer no thanx,
    Justa knockin up dose skanx.

    A Bieberz revolushun,
    No-Bieber constitushun,
    A no-tallent apartheid,
    Itz a Bieberz Biebercide.
    Shootin down aspirashunz,
    Media constipashunz,
    Itz anuff to give me gas,
    All his fans can kiss my ass!

    -To my bruthas in hip-hop:
    “Run wit it – have fun wit it” ~ Handles

  9. wonderponey says: I just found this girl whose every tweets are for justin beiber. So incredible monomaniac.

  10. Finish with this program, Justin Bieber is the best and have no right to end his dream.

    Because you have to put up with him, he has done something?
    Or is that only by envy ¿

  11. Captari_E92 says:

    This application is completely fine! You don’t HAVE to download or even pay attention to it if you don’t want to. It’s people’s choice to download this app. You bieber fans make me sick. The fans are worse than the fuckin “artist”

  12. craig says:

    Hey, this app is cool and all but is there a way to optimize it on chrome since it takes a few seconds before you can actually click on the next link when you load a page which is kind of annoying.

  13. The Historian says:

    I am 39 years old, and yes, that is probably ancient to some of you. However, it is true that with age comes wisdom.

    History has a perverted way of repeating itself… over and over again. I remember the insanity of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze that saw elderly grandmothers being violently knocked down to the floor and people being trampled in toy stores all across North America in the mad rush to get that butt-ugly doll. I remember something similar happening regarding the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I remember the unreasoning hysteria over Elvis, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Madonna and Milli-Vanilli. In every case, there wasn’t any objectivity from the media let alone any responsible handling of the subjects. Only a load of media hype and tripe. That is, until Justin Bieber came along.

    What sets Justin Bieber apart from the aforementioned fads is the nature of this fad. It is by far more political, intrusive and aggressive in its nature. Wherever you go on television, radio, the Internet or the printed media – he’s there. No folks, this isn’t a simple case of reporting the news let alone acknowledging someone’s talent. This has become an issue of the powers governing the media going so far as to TELL people what they are to like. I believe this is a social experiment of sorts being conducted on the most vulnerable members of our society: targeting our youth and even pitting them against their parents. It is an application of brainwashing in its most sinister and devastating form. It needs to be resisted and stopped, otherwise who’s to say where it will take us next?

    Perhaps the Anti-christ?

    Don’t laugh! This breed of social brainwashing worked for every politician and dictator in recorded history. Think of the Caesar worship of Rome, the Emperor worship of China and Japan, Hitler, Stalin, Lennon, the Kennedys, the Clintons. Getting people to mindlessly fawn over a pint-sized celebrity may seem like nothing to us adults, other than totally laughable. However, it programs our children to act in an unthinking manner that will have life-long consequences affecting them unconsciously in adulthood. If you teach a child from an early enough age to unquestioningly believe that 2 + 2 = 5, they will grow up believing it regardless of whether people insist they are wrong. I am not suggesting that Justin Bieber is a dictator. What I am asserting is that the media has successfully made an astounding number of people believe that Justin Bieber is beyond reproach and that anyone who doesn’t like him are “haters” who deserve death threats. This is powerful as it can, and will be used in the future to shape and manipulate the politics of a grown-up Bieber fan base who will neither realize, nor recognize what has been done to them psychologically.

    The Shaved Bieber Add-on is far more valuable than you might realize. You are empowering every concerned parent to take back the control of their computers from external intruders. I encourage you to go beyond browsers and include add-ons for Internet Security software (Symantec-Nortons, PC Tools, AVG, Spy-Bot Search and Destroy, etc.) since they can be pass-word protected to prevent any attempts to bypass restrictions.

    I applaud you, and wish you the very best! Thank you for Shaved Bieber!

  14. The Historian says:

    Here’s a link to ponder, too:

  15. WOW just WOW says:

    LOVE YOU.²

  16. Alex says:


  17. Alex says:

    The fans are worse than the fuckin “artist”
    Yup. They’re the problem although if he’d off himself they’d evaporate. That haircut makes me want to mail-order an AK-47 from Kazakhstan.

  18. Alex says:

    Yeh, that’s it, we’re bitter because we ENVY him! Fucktard. No, I don’t envy anyone who has ten million psychotic 14 year-old Bieber-whores following his every move. Frightening.

  19. Mr. X says:

    Any chance of making a program that blocks the shaved bieber haters?

    Also before anyone else says this… This program is epicness in a epic form.

  20. polythene.pam says:

    God, these people, going on and on defending this overrated little prick. He’s like a Disney version of Chucky. In fact, I’d take Chucky over him any day.

    Nice site, by the way. I’m glad I found it.

  21. trevor says:


  22. Roy says:

    Bieber – beaver,
    Bieber – beaver,
    Bieber – beaver…
    Ah-ha! At last, I’ve got it Smithers! That annoying little love-child of Satan is wearing a fluffy fur hat!

  23. Jason says:

    wow so now you’re hitler? sorry but blocking beiber’s girly face and annoying voice isn’t on par with killing 6 million jews. what a dumb bitch. lol

  24. Canister Set says:

    Justin Bieber is quite talented at a very young age, he sings good too “;;

  25. Archie says:

    Wow. You would think by some people’s reaction that it was the end of the world! I’d would rather it was just the end of his career. Please Greg, by all that is holy, make an iTunes version of the Bieber Shaver!

  26. Lewis says:

    Your My Idol !!!

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