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fi5e hosted an off the chain chaotic picnic for Teorías del Caos at Mangum Lab in Mexico City, earlier today.

This occasion is also his first ultra interactive -2.0 live multimedia stream ever!, with extra points for the compiz*.

To watch this properly on the internets: pay attention to the rap alert, follow this slides and grab the p1cn1c special with fi5e’s favorite Whiz Khalifa trax.

Chaos showed up as usual, so you are going to miss some advances on some upcoming bad ass projects. Stay tuned for live chaos next month with El Proyecto Sonidero and DJ /rupture

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Posted on July 31, 2009



  1. Matt Katz says:

    Totally off topic – but you guys need to close registration on fucktwitter and make it invite only. You’re a spam bomb right now. Keep it clean, keep it mean.

  2. fffffat says:

    Jdubs just got the spam problem fixed in fucktwitter. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Jonatan says:

    You are a fucking hero!

    “.. using pop culture, again, as a vehicle towards activism and so, like how brilliant is it that you go to download the next harry potter movie and immediately you’re like sort of part of a movement, right, like that’s, that’s the kind of easy gateway into some political activism that I can sort of get behind.”

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