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With recent mistakes by companies and organizations not knowing how to properly censor online documents, its easy to see why people believe the text they can’t see can’t be read. And with computer illiterate talking heads like Rush Limbaugh or internet illiterate censorship advocates like Ursula von der Leyen, it is easy to befuddle them with the appearance of censored text on the web pages they commonly visit.

A playful experiment in “censoring” a web page by hiding text and images behind blocks.

Ctrl+F'd Example

Try it out on your fffffavorite web pages. Grab the bookmarklet below and drag into the bookmarklet bar (or right-click as ‘Bookmark/Favorite this Link’).

Ctrl+F’d Bookmarklet

Or mess with your ffffffriends. Download the Firefox extension, install into GreaseMonkey, or grab the JavaScript code and add to your site.

Don’t forget to take screenshots of your fffffavorite Ctrl+F’d web sites. Post ’em in the comments!

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Open-sourced by Greg Leuch. Available on GitHub.


  1. nerd says:

    God damnit i hate the term bookmarklet, what a craptastic term for that.

  2. nerd says:

    Oh you mis-spelled that stupid word in the pink link: Bookmarket

    How about just replacing it to CTRL+F’d FUXX0R3D

  3. gleuch says:

    @nerd i was thinking of food while writing this. totally went to the market after that.

    you got any better, less leet-tastic terms for bookmarklet?

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  8. PWS690 says:

    This work has been imagined by a collective of 4 intel Xeon processor, and seems to interest your bookmarklet to the point of fucking his brain network machinery you see?

    Try it, won’t work,
    It is Resistant,
    Computer imagination recognises itself,
    Global machine thinking on its way,

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  10. MATT1604 says:

    Well this is fairly Windows-centric. What about us Mac users, who use “command+f”? I joke, I joke. Good idea, though.

  11. God, I hate the internet.

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  14. matthater says:

    MATT1604, when you get done playing with the kiddie machine go buy a real computer when you want to do real computing… Better yet, just wipe the HD & install Linux.

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