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Limited Editions of Unlimited #2

google image search results for celebrity.  what we found: the same copy of a copy of a copy of a manufactured ideal. Badly colored blonde number 40, fake and bake, size 2 or 0, medium length hair with too much product. A crazy white bitch. A copy of a copy of a copy of the same blonde, nothing really different, never aging always 20 something replacing the 30 something, and then a few creepy middle aged white men hanging around the edges, we salute you.

Print Number 2 of Limited Editions of Unlimited.

Limited Editions of Unlimited is a F.A.T. artwork series which will be released and available online for free. Download and print the second in the series here or see Print Number 1 here.

Then what..? Put it on your walls, on buildings, hang it up in the MoMa, give to your friends, your Grandma, lick it, eat it (maybe it taste good?)…. we want to see us everywhere.

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Posted on October 8, 2012



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