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Imma let you finish Barbara Kisseler (Permanent Secretary of the State of Berlin), but i’ve had a little sippy sippy, so fffffats gonna get a little lippy lippy… WWKD: What would kanye do?

Somewhere amidst the boos and hisses, i had a moment of clarity. Despite all of our fffffuckery, I think GOOGLE just won Transmediale 10. First runner-up prize went to Google’s own Creative Lab Tech Lead, Aaron Koblin, for his collaboration with Daniel Massey that had something to do with a bicycle but sounded like a choir of intubated drunks.

And the Tranny Oscar went to Michelle Teran for her quite good and goodly Google-sponsored orgy of G-apps, Youtube and Google Earth. I think it was also an add for Mr.Goodbar, but I can’t tell for sure.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Google was a sponsor for Transmediale 10. Oh well… atleast they aren’t evil.

FAT is already hard at work on a sure-fire winner for TM11. See you next year Stephen!
download the mp3 [audio:FuckYahoo2.mp3]


  1. Geraldine says:

    HAHAHAHA ROFL!!! This is just great!

    Currently, Aaron is Technology Lead of Google’s Creative Lab where he helped to launch Chrome Experiments, a website showcasing JavaScript work by designers from around the world.

  2. roketrick says:

    Transmediale. Duh.

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