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Footage of FAT trolling the Google Street View car in Berlin…. more updates soon:

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Posted on February 8, 2010



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  2. moose says:

    his job is totally finished !
    And he’s not much of a driver either.

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  4. xaml says:

    Embarrasing paranoid idiots, (E.P.I., fyi) you are.

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  6. sergei_brin says:


  7. sergei_brin says:

    Thank you for alerting us to this nasty driver. Im gonna fly my f-16 to germany right now. This dumb kraut just made my list of things to do today… im gonna pop a cap in his ass!

  8. Admin says:

    Das ist Schwachsinn! Niemand pisst am Pariser Platz/Brandenburger Tor/Adlon ̦ffentlich- erst recht nicht Fahrer eines Street View Wagens Рauch wenn sie aus Hamburg kommen. Auch der Stopp am Kottbusser Tor ist Bl̦dsinn und eindeutig gestellt. Verarscht uns nicht!!

    ITS FAKE!!

  9. bala says:

    Oh my god. How stupid you are…

  10. rezo says:

    so if i see clearly on this video: google makes photos to make maps more real, but does not have a gps, they must ask for the route on a map.
    really guys, you really dont mind if google will sue you using their logo and identity for faking people?
    also how the fuck cares if a car goes up and down in berlin. retards..

  11. gareet says:

    idiot morons fat

  12. Bucky Turco says:

    I love what you guys do, but it was all fake?

  13. C>> says:

    next time take an actor plz

  14. _ says:

    great site! people it is time to wake up from google’s self-madre-dream!

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