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1. Download your pass here.
2. Print it on heavy paper, both sides.
3. Insert your name with a pen.
4. Visit MOMA a whole year for free!

You are only eligible to obtain an MOMA artist annual pass (25,-$) (regular entrance fee 20,- $ !!!) if you can proof  that you had ‘OFF-LINE’ !!!  art shows. Can you believe that? Online art doesn’t count in?!? We need to change that.

The making of the Free MOMA pass:

Let’s scan this!

It seems I am artist number #7156 who got an artist pass. (This year? Since the system was implemented? Doesn t matter in fact.) The  entrance guard will just scan the code and look at the read out if the pass is valid. Code format is CODE_39. Ok nice!

Let’s scan the whole thing in high res!

We better generate that magic code A000000000007156 again at Online Barcode Generator for better print quality  :-) You might wanna also just become the artist pass owner #7155 in case they kick Aram Bartholl out of the DB for some reason. ;-)

Done! I recommend the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures show on 5th floor. Awesome! Let’s meet for a make out flashmob in that ‘exhibtion’ cinema ;-)
[You might also just go to Free Friday Nights, held every Friday evening from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m :-)]

PS: See also James’ :-)

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Posted on February 1, 2011



  1. Jamie Dubs says:

    This, sir, is exactly why the fffffat exists. bravo sir. bravo.

  2. 01010101 says:

    How can you do such things! This kind a criminal behavior will put the art business at risk. Joking. Love it.

  3. David says:

    You should be very careful. As ridiculous as it seems, this is not “theft of services”, a misdemeanor. It’s forgery, which is a felony. It’d be much less risky legally speaking to break into the moma.

  4. Alan Watts says:

    Oh, young white people and your sense of entitlement. You can get in free on Friday nights, so there’s really no need for this. Why steal from a museum? Seriously. It’s a museum. Be an adult and pay for something.

  5. a_common_troll says:

    uhh David, this isn’t conterfiting bills, not all forgery is a felony. it’s misdemeanor forgery at best, and that’s only if MoMa pressed charges.

  6. a_common_troll says:

    Alan, this isn’t a sense of entitlement. MoMa is giving these passes to “Traditional” artists, while Online artists are getting the finger. I would happily pay $25 for an artist pass, as MoMa is supposed to be an NON-PROFIT organization for Modren artists. Why should they need to make $20 profit from me, an artist visiting, just because I don’t make physical installations.

    also why did you have to say “white” the fact that you bring race into any sort of argument automatically makes you a racist you know?

  7. artist says:

    how do you get the month printed on the pass?


  8. […] classique contient entre 10 et 13 caractères (au passage, si vous allez au MoMa de New-York City, vous pouvez vous fabriquer un pass pour un an…) le Code QR peut contenir 7 089 caractères numériques, 4 296 caractères […]

  9. phlacid says:

    OOoh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah this is so cocktastic!!111!

  10. tom says:

    If you change your birthdate on a drivers license, it’s a felony.

  11. It’s forgery, which is a felony. It’d be much less risky legally speaking to break into the moma.

  12. A Tregaskis says:

    Do you have a version without the stamp? I have a stamp of my own, and I think stamping it myself would look a bit more legit than printing with the “31, 2012” on it.

  13. colin says:

    You write like a child.

  14. hot show says:

    added these pithy words on

  15. […] Since I was in the lucky position to be inculuded with the offline filesharing Dead Drops project in the “Talk to me”  show at the MoMA I felt like it would be a great idea to share the possibiliy to show work in the MoMA. While visiting the ‘Talk to me’ show  all artists are invited hook up their computer to a flash drive and to drop their art on one of the 5 Dead Drop drives in the show. Check out the art in the show! Check out all the digital art on the Dead Drops! :) And claim you have an art piece in the moma, which is true! I recommend to apply for an anual artist pass which will allow you to come back at any time for free. If you can t get the MoMA artist pass because your are a digital artist and therefore can t prove to have had ‘Offline’ shows procedd as followed :) […]

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  17. […] January 31, 2011 How to make your own MOMA artist pass […]

  18. Julie says:

    This is really stupid. I hate how everyone feels like they are being discriminated against or being treated unjustly. There are rules and protocol for a reason. Did any one ever think that MoMA does not even have to provide this service for artists at all??? It is a generous offer and there must be some sort of criteria or obtaining one or else the entire city of New York could apply for one because we all have blogs and I drew a sketch once. The rules for getting an artist pass are pretty relaxed. Bring in something that tells the museum you exhibited your art within the past 2 years. Pretty easy. Why complain?

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