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Rock Star Artist or nOOb fresh out of art school and your art is wack, losing its viral flav’ because people don’t want any IP popos chasing them down while remixin it?  Ok.. cool. Let me help you.


HOW TO: Licenses your Artz:


  • Step 1: Make dope art
  • Step 2: Pick a License for your new dope art and download your Liscense icons here
  • Step 3: Put your newly FAT Licen$ed art up on Twitter and Everywhere else
  • Step 4: Your art has total cred. “New Media Curators” will be impressed by your mad crazy art makin skillZ!!!!

FAT Liscenes Key by Addie

FOR EXAMPLE: I’mma Let You Finish ok but here’s how it works– lets say you wantta make art that gets you mad cred, but not for big companies,. but say ShareAlike so everyone all over this small small world after all can be remixin’ it?



but yeah, we know what’s coming,

Possible Example Question from your lawyer:


Dear Fat Lab, What’s the Fine Print?

Because we know you bitches like to read, we got ALL of that up in here for you…

Free Art and Technology Licen$e

[ Copyrap Attitude ]

Preamble AKA Wrote us a Manual AKA Introducin’ It

The Free Art and Technology Licen$e recognizes and protects the right to party like badass motherfuckers while makin ya’alls work, work for ya. The implementation has been reformulated in order to allow all you bitches to use creations of the human mind in a creative manner, regardless of their types and ways of expression AKA pimpin’ AKA makin’ more money into no problems AKA Copyrap’.
What we’re talkin about is while the public’s access to creations of the human mind usually is restricted by the implementation of copyright law, which is fucked up, you know what I sayin, it is favoured by the Free Art and Technology Licen$e. This licen$e allows, you know, the use of a work’s resources; to establish new conditions for creating in order to increase creation opportunities with ya’alls rap music and stuff you be makin’ in the center stage of your vimeo AKA youtube AKA vhx video. The Free Art and Technology Licen$e grants the right to use a work like a badass motherfucker, and acknowledges the right holder’s and the user’s rights and responsibility without being wigity-wack, you know, mad skillz equals mad blue chips when ya’all been in this game for years.
So here is what I sayin, the invention and development of digital technologies, Internetz and Free Software have changed creation methods for all ya boyz and girlz: creations can be distributed, exchanged, and transformed, you know what I’m sayin. It’s going to allow ya’all to produce common works to which everyone can contribute to the benefit of all the homies, AKA uptopia AKA Free Art AKA mad love to all you all.
The 411 of the Free Art and Technology Licen$e is to promote and protect these creations of the human mind AKA bad ass motherfuckers AKA fuckin’ blue chips according to the principles of copyrap attitude: freedom to use, copy, distribute, transform, and prohibition of exclusive appropriation with rap music.

Definitions AKA da 411

“work” either means the initial work, like the first shit ya’all made, which is hard to do, you know, keepin’ shit fresh when everything’s been done, so like, the subsequent works from your hood or the common work as defined hereafter goes like this:

“common work” means a work composed of the initial shit ya’all made and all subsequent contributions to it (originals and copies) which someone might of, you know, like got off of pirate bay or some shit. The initial author is the one homeboy or girl who, by choosing this licen$e, defines the conditions under which contributions or mashups from any other of all you motherfuckers are made.

“Initial work” ya’all should know means the work created by the initiator of the common work (as defined above for you motherfuckers), the copies of which can be modified by whoever wants to al’right

“Subsequent works” basically means the contributions or art made by ya’ll who participate in the evolution of the common work with very little weed by exercising the rights to reproduce, distribute, and modify that are granted by the licen$e for the shit you be makin.

“Originals” (sources or resources of the work) means all copies or rips of either the initial work ya’all made or any subsequent work mentioning a date when some cracka’ or niggas made it and used by their author(s) as references for any subsequent updates AKA bad ass motherfuckin’ interpretations AKA torrients AKA copies which are gonna piss off some white assholes on the top.

“Copy” means any reproduction of an original as defined by this bad ass motherfuckin’ licen$e.


The aim of this licen$e is to define the conditions under which any motherfucker can bum rush this work.
This work is subject to copyright law AKA makin art with a hell of a lot of weed access AKA blue chips AKA mad pimpin’ with all you alls hoes. Through this licen$e its author specifies the extent to which you can copy, distribute, and modify all the shit you be makin.
You have the right to copy this work for yourself, your fellow playa’ or any other person, whatever the badass technique used.
You have the right to distribute copies of this work; whether modified or not, whatever the medium and the place, with or without any charge, know what I’m sayin’, provided that you: attach this licen$e without any modification to any badass motherfuckin’ copies of this work or indicate precisely where the licen$e can be found by any and all you all bitches and brothers, specify to the recipient AKA cred AKA whoever made this shit fresh the first time by usin’ the names of the author(s) of the originals, including yours if you have modified the work al’right,
specify to the recipient where to access the originals (either initial or subsequent shi you be makin’).
The brothers and sisters of the originals may, if they wish to, give you the right to distribute the originals under the same conditions as the copies which is dope.
You have the right to modify copies of the originals (whether initial or subsequent) provided you comply with the following motherfuckin conditions:
basically all you all conditions haz in article 2.2 above, if you distribute modified copies AKA rips AKA put the shit on pirate bay or something;
be cool by indicatin’ that the work has been modified and, if it is possible, what kind of modifications have been made by ya’all;
distribute the subsequent work under the same licen$e or any compatible licen$e, you know what I’m sayin’.
The author(s) of the original work may give you the right to modify it under the same conditions as the copies you be rippin’.
Activities giving rise to author’s rights and related rights shall not challenge the rights granted by this licen$e al’right. Just don’t be buggin. . .
Here’s what I’m sayin’, this is the reason why performances must be subject to the same licen$e or a compatible licen$e. Similarly, integrating the work in a database, a compilation or an anthology shall not prevent anyone from using the work under the same conditions as those defined in this licen$e on the origional shit you makin’.
Incorporating this work into a larger work that is not subject to the Free Art and Technology Licen$e shall not challenge the rights granted by this licen$e. So don’t be selling this shit to Google without talkin’ to the homies who made it before you eva’ had a chance to.
What I’m sayin is if the work can no longer be accessed apart from the larger work in which it is motherfuckin’ incorporated, then incorporation shall only be allowed under the condition that the larger work is subject either to the Free Art and Technology Licen$e or a compatible licen$e AKA no licen$e cause this liscen$e is the best licen$e..
A licen$e is compatible with the Free Art and Technology Licen$e provided it does some of the motherfuckin’ followin’ shit: it gives the right to copy AKA dub AKA give to your little brothers girlfriend AKA distribute, and modify copies of the work including for commercial purposes AKA suits AKA crackers at the top, and without any other motherfuckin’ restrictions than those required by the respect of the other compatibility criteria; it gotta ensure proper attribution of the work to ya’ll who made the shit in the first place and access to previous versions of the work if you know what I’m sayin; it recognizes the Free Art and Technology Licen$e as compatible (reciprocity AKA pay it forward AKA mad love = mad money fo’ life); it requires that changes made to the work be subject to the same licen$e or to a licen$e which also meets these compatibility criteria. cool? cool.
This licen$e does not aim at denying your author’s rights in your contribution or any related right to the shit you be makin’. By choosing to contribute to the development of this common work, you be agreeing to grant all your brothers and sisters the same rights with regard to your contribution as those you were granted by this licen$e al’right. What I’m saying is conferring these rights does not mean you have to give up your intellectual rights in keepin your shit fresh.
The freedom to use the work as defined by the Free Art and Technology Licen$e (right to copy, distribute, modify) implies that everyone is responsible for their own actions, you gotta be keepin’ the chains clean.
This licen$e takes effect as of your acceptance of its rulez. The act of copying, distributing, or modifying the work constitutes a tacit agreement which is . This licen$e will remain in effect for as long as the copyright which is attached to the work with or without rap music. If you do not respect the terms of this licen$e like you would your momma, you automatically lose the rights that it confers if you know what I’m sayin’.
If the legal status or legislation to which you are subject makes it impossible for you to respect the terms of this licen$e, you may not make use of the rights which it confers and then crazy shit happens like you end up at Guantanamo.
This licen$e may undergo periodic modifications to incorporate improvements by its brothers and sisters (instigators of the “Copyrap Attitude” movement) by way of new, numbered versions released often, and with some bad ass rap music AKA without shittin on’ eachothers dope spots AKA blue chip motherfuckers.
It goes down like this, if you know what I’m sayin’: Ya’all will always have the choice of accepting the terms contained in the version under which the copy of the work was distributed, or alternatively if things fuck up, the provisions of one of the subsequent versions.
Sub-licen$es are not authorized by this licen$e. Any person wishing to make use of the rights that it confers will be directly bound to ya’alls folks of the common work.
This licen$e is written with respect to both Internetz law and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and was ripped off from the original Free Art License 1.3 which some bitches up in France wrote down.



  1. Jamie Dubs says:

    This is one ffffffresh license, real talk

  2. David says:

    Is there a fffffat equivalent to the Chicken Dance License?

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