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Welcome to installment #2 of how to ship digital art for free. At issue: how to transport a large computer that is too big for carry on luggage and too delicate for checked luggage.

Step #1:
Obtain an oversize shopping bag and cut it down to match the exact dimensions of your computer case. Line with cardboard for padding.

Step #2:
Place computer inside the bag and casually toss small items on top.

Step #3:
Take the airline issued carry on tag from your properly sized item and place it on your oversize item.

Step #4:
Avoid sweating, limping or leaning awkwardly to one side when walking by security…. it should look light. Once you pass the initial security check point (the ones that look at your ticket and passport) then the x-ray process is no problem.

See yall in Paris!

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Posted on June 23, 2009



  1. haha great! looks like the money bag from ‘pulp fiction’. yes, there are a lot of ways to trick with luggage and weigth (depending on airline and airport) …

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