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GOLDiPhone is a completely functional iPhone 3-5 upgrade case using a 3d printer.

Gold iPhone

Gold iPhone

3d files are here.

BONUS: Prints in 4 pieces and so it works on any (crappy) 3d printer.

What users are saying:

“I prefer white gold but I think the GOLDiPhone is tasteful because of how much more gold it is.” – Dylan Halliday

Now I can update myself!” – Martha Stewart

“The most revolutionary thing to happen to Apple since Apple.” – Wired

3d files are here. GOLDiPhone is licensed under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0

Posted on September 17, 2013



  1. Bill C says:

    Pimp, the way 1984 Steve Jobs would have made the iPhone.

    I don’t suppose you could post an STL?

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  3. […] iPhone 5s. Per i tifosi pazzi, ecco una bella alternativa: Addie Wagenknecht al FAT Lab ha creato GOLDiPhone, con una stampante 3D, una cover completamente funzionante per iPhone 3-5 (anche se a mio avviso […]

  4. hey bill- email me and I will send you one (my wifi right now is too slow to upload it) /addie

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