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Muharrem Yildirim has developed the first major contender towards solving the GML Field Recorder Challenge, which is a 1200 euro prize to produce an easily reproducible DIY device that can unobtrusively record graffiti motion data during a graffiti writer’s normal practice in the city. The GML Recording Machine uses a hacked mechanical mouse in combination with an Arduino to measure the length of two strings attached to the graffiti writer’s feet. The motion captured data is stored in an on board SD card and, with a simple script, is later converted to Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) format. An instruction guide for how to build the device from low cost materials will be on Muharrem’s blog shortly.

The GML Recording Machine is an exciting step forward in the development of technologies for real (as opposed to simulated) graffiti.


  1. Oh man. I wish I thought of that.

    They should use a Gametrak:

    And wear it at the waist. This only uses one string, will give them 3-dimensions, and it is a tank-tough commercial product. The only real challenge would be getting it to talk via USB to the Arduino, but even this could be simply bypassed by taking readings straight off the pots.

  2. stephan says:

    From a writer’s point of view, i just can not get the sense in trying to build(/or own) a device that records my moves at action. (plus – as a sense of GML – assinging geographical positions to that data.) GML is fun for the fun of it, but i’m sorry to say, i just don’t believe that this will ever be a part of a writer’s ‘normal practise’.?!

    Nevertheless, great art (or: großes Kino)!

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