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Subject: A problem with your Persona submission
Date: January 30, 2010 1:18:22 AM CEST
To: evan[at]

Thanks for submitting your Persona ‘FUCK GOOGLE’. Unfortunately, we cannot add your Persona because of the following reason: The design you submitted contains material unsuitable for all audiences of the gallery.

We appreciate your involvement in the Personas community and encourage you to create another design that fits our Terms of Service (

Also, you are able to use any design you like on your own computer. Here is how:

1. If you have Personas installed, click on the little fox on the bottom left of your computer screen.

2. Click on “Preferences” and ensure the box “Show Custom Persona in Menu” is checked and close the box.

3. Click on the little fox again. Mouse over “Custom” in the menu and to the right find and click “Edit”.

This will take you to a custom persona interface that will let you design any persona you like for your own computer. Thank you again for being a part of our community.

If you have any questions or want more information, please stop by the Persona message boards and tell us what’s on your mind.

Best Wishes,
The Personas Team

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Text color: #FF00FF
Accent color: #FFF000

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Posted on February 5, 2010



  1. Dawud says:

    How’s this for FUCK Google?

  2. laz says:

    do you have a theme for chrome?

  3. deez says:

    custom persona wont load?

  4. obviously says:

    well, after all, firefox is practically funded by google. of course they won’t do anything to piss them off. same reason newspapers don’t write bad about companies paying for ads.

    but nice to get a clear statement from mozilla; it’s about fucking time for a new browser for people loving freedom

  5. mike says:

    google fucking blows tracking way too much info. even if those stupid fucks don’t use the info, some Smarter psycho will. privacy is a right motherfuckers

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