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Are you sick of the 3rd dimension? Enjoy full 2D with a FUCK 3D -pair of glasses !!! download here !


– Are you annoyed by the people and world around you?
– Do you feel sometimes dizzy walking home in the 3rd dimension?
– But you DO enjoy your 2D  – facebook/twitter/browser life much more than the dirty world out there?

F.A.T. brings to you a brand new solution!!!  Just switch your whole life to 2D. Get a pair of  FUCK 3D glasses, loose the 3rd dimension and enjoy full 2D!!!  It never has been so easy!! Life is so much better!!

Download FUCK 3D DIY-set here.

Aram Bartholl
2009 – based on First Person Shooter glasses


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  1. Gunstick says:

    It would be an improvement to have the 2D view for both eyes. That would be an interesting experience. But how to do it? Feed one camera to both screens of VR goggles? Or use some mirrors and prisms?

  2. 3D Freak says:

    LOL :D Great 3D glasses

    Great job

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