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“FB Resistance is a research initiative accepting the status quo of Facebook beeing the dominant social identity management system, researching on ways to change it’s rules and functionality from inside the system, locally via Browser App.” [Full Description here]

Good times in Berlin. We certainly recieved alot of attention for this and gathered lots of cool ideas. We’re still sorting them out. Stay tuned about the results and on the next FB resistance workshop in Barcelona in 2 weeks.

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  1. JR says: Here is a piece carefully explaining all the reasons Facebook is a bad use of your time. Facebook is all about people who crave an audience but don’t know how to earn one. Over time, the internet doesn’t just attract these people but creates them: if you’re not face to face with your audience, you lack the feedback to make sure they enjoy what you’re saying. We’ve all met people with poor social perception, who chatter on and have no idea they’re being boring. On the internet, we all do this, because the necessary social cues don’t even exist.

    The internet is a terrible place to satisfy our need for friendship, and it’s an awkward and difficult place to discuss opinions and ideas. I think discussions of ideas are best done in the flesh, and ideas on the internet are best communicated one way, like in books. There are some things the internet does amazingly well, and most of them have to do with sharing practical information. If you want to coordinate a political action, or make your own solar panels, go online. If you want to have a good conversation, invite some friends over for dinner.

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