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Evan and tbx are ff00ff’ing Paris’ most precious tech venue LA CANTINE, aka the crib of Mark Zuckerberg. Register now @ La Catine!

Official text:

Join FAT artists Evan Roth and Tobias Leingruber at La Cantine where they will present technology based creative projects that exist at the cross section of open source and popular culture.
They will discuss their own work, as well as that of the Free Art & Technology Lab, an online hacker space experimenting with humor, activism, free culture and popular media. The presentations will be conducted primarily in English (sorry) and start at 7pm. Free Hip Hop and beer while supplies last!


We are also looking for other artists and hackers interested in open source fun that would be interested in giving short 10 minute presentations. Email project URLs to

And thanks alot to our great partner Silicon Sentier to make this event possible!!

Posted on September 14, 2010



  1. Aram says:

    great design tbx! haha …
    wish i could join …

  2. thanks Aram! yeah I love designing ultra trashy flyers. Evan and I designed it together btw!

  3. MC C-Imperatriz says:

    I’ll be there. I wish I could grab some friend to speak about a project, but they probably won’t be around. Is there any other Fat Paris evendd planned ?

    A vendredi !

  4. tbx says:

    @MC C-Imperatriz no other Paris event planned so far. See you there! Be early for the croissants ;) Oh and RSVP here if you like:

  5. MC C-Imperatriz says:

    I’ll be there early, I’m actually working in the area. I RSPV on the website too.
    Hope to catch you or Evan on IRC before, just to show you the projects my friends are working on.

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