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I spent most of this year working at Wax Poetics, where I got introduced to a lot of these 2009 releases through promos sent to the magazine for review. The synths were big again this year, and merited a few repeat artists from ’08, notably Stones Throw’s Dam Funk and James Pants. While certainly I seek out electronic music as part of a well-balanced breakfast, this mix came out extra fortified, with programmed drums and sine-wave arpeggios melted into the nooks and crannies of other genres I was listening to. It was all put to good use in afrobeat (Chico Mann), dub (Major Lazer), grown-man-Steely-Dan-mellow (9dw), library kitch (Douglas Wood), breezy tropicalia (Antena), and sex jams (Chin Chin). The older and reissued material lends some context via a smattering of house (Lil Louis) and unreleased bedroom tapes from a maestro of Hi-NRG (Cowley). Hope you like.

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# Artist – Song (Year Label)

1. Harald Grosskopf – So Weit So Gut (1980 Sky)
2. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Memory Fails Me (2009 Macro)*
3. Nite Jewel – What Did He Say (2009 Gloriette)
4. James Pants – Sky Warning (2009 Stones Throw)
5. Junior Boys – Work (2009 Domino)
6. Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong (2008 DFA)
7. Lil Louis & The World – I Called U (1989 Epic)
8. Chico Mann – Go to that Place (2009 Furious Panther)
9. Subway – Jupiter (2009 Soul Jazz)
10. Major Lazer – Pon de Floor feat. Vybz Kartel (2009 Downtown)
11. Lykke Li – Complaint Department (2008 EMI)
12. Dam Funk – Searchin’ 4 Funk’s Future (2009 Stones Throw)
13. x
14. 9dw – Synthetic Avenues (2008 Catune)
15. Brian Bennett – Spiv (2009 Wax Poetics)*
16. Chin Chin – GG and The Boys (2009 Def Jux)
17. Antena – Bye Bye Papaye (2004 Numero)*
18. Douglas Wood – Moon Nightclub (2009 Trunk)*
(*reissues. original release dates may vary.)

Here in the future, the combination of promotional platforms like Myspace and the ubiquity of mp3s (and their $0 production cost) hardly give geographically local music scenes a chance to marinate into something distinct. Pre-internet, you had bounce in NOLA, go go in DC, and Detroit techno, but with the aid of digital distribution, noise bands in Providence sound like noise bands in Baltimore, and nationally, all music eventually distills into Lady Gaga. The geographic distinctions are melting, and while I’m not necessarily advocating for a locavore movement for music, it has had me searching for a new outlet for amateur, self-released, DIY sounds.
Luckily those same self publishing tools have allowed millions of other people (musicians and otherwise) to record themselves doing any number of things and upload it to YouTube, aka the Dollar Bins of the 21st Century. This year I tried to get omnivorous, and realized that for me, “digging” for YouTube videos is just as legit as LPs. Why prioritize one format over another? I get just as much satisfaction coming across some amazing vid with under 500 views as I do finding some bizzaro local LP (and now CDs and tapes too!) in a thrift store. And I want to play it for people.
This is my first attempt at a YouTube-sourced mix – a proof of concept. Putting together an audio mix from video material was a good exercise in keeping my ears open to good sounds in unexpected places, and I think the result has a sometimes radio-drama effect, mixing music, narration, and field recordings into a cohesive whole. I have more favorites where these came from, so expect something bigger down the line.

bennett4senate youtube finds mix

1. dog malfunction
2. Miami HEAT Fan Conduct Announcement Slow Jammed
3. Computer Teacher Beatdown
4. Spanish Rap Project
5. mathematics (independent) – math rap
6. The Slope Formula Snoop Dogg Style “Math Rap”
7. I show how to make trance in Fl studio (by Sonix 1241) #4
8. beamz Music Performance System
9. american girl music video – The Best Burrito I’ve ever had – parry gripp
10. Avatar Makeup tutorial
11. Epic Slow Clap and double OT victory
12. Pancho the singing parrot
13. Brookline is My Lady pt. 1
14. manualist plays young holt unlimited – soulful strut – on his hands!

2009 Shoutouts:
Lets Get Serious, my other blog, and home of Mike McGill and Tackleberry of A Downtown Affair.
DJ Ghostdad (& the Fully Fitted family) who had Sober1, my main homey Josh Dunn, and myself on Mofo Radio this fall for a really fun show.
Trent, for having me as a guest on the special 45s and 40z edition of Sound and Safe.
WFMU in general, and for their dedication to quality!


  1. i want so much to do a Vybz Kartel Misheard Lyrics You Tube LOL

  2. marisa says:

    Nice work, Bennett! Thank you!

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