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An alternate take on the end of year FAT mix posts.
Post the top 5 mixes/mixtapes/dj-sets that have rocked your world in 2009!

Theo’s 5:

1) Nueva Cumbia mix:
2) Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration Mix
3) Uproot Andy – Diesel Umusic Radio
4) Rico Uno & Erik Devereux – Swag Surfing Mix
5) Solitude – Ambient Dubstep Volume 2

Jdubs recommends

1) Kid Cudi: A Kid Named Cudi
2) Chris Macro – King Tubby vs. Wu-Tang Clan – Macro Dubplates vol. 1
2) Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – How Fly

bennett4senate reccommends:

1) Stones Throw Podcast 49: Dam Funk’s Spiritual Flight
2) Javelin – Andean Ocean Mixtape
3) WFMU – Ken’s 2nd Annual Krampus Special
4) Josh Dunn – Chapter Verse
5) Bennett4$enate – Wine Coolers (cheating, I know :)

Geraldine’s Top 5 (dutty artz fan mix mix):

1) Outras Terras Mixtape
Maga Bo – Outras Terras Mixtape
2) s3cr3t-kn0w13dg3 – Matt Shadetek
s3cr3t-kn0w13dg3 mix – Matt Shadetek
3) Famata Was Here – Lamin Fontana (Lamin marry me plz?)
Famata was Here
4) Solar Life Raft – Dj Rupture and Matt Shadetek
Solar Life Raft. (available in the internets)
5) Slayers Mix by Dj Ripley
Dj Ripley at Taringa

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Posted on January 2, 2010



  1. Theo Watson says:

    good stufffff – this post is totally selfish I just wanted some more kick ass mixes to listen to.

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