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Available online for free (as .eps) here. Available in the gallery for free at the AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE opening in Vienna on the 26th.

More photos here. Big ups to LM4K on the sticker connect.

Posted on February 19, 2009



  1. omgz fucking awesome! analog Pirates of the Amazon

  2. […] coincide with the upcoming opening of his show in Vienna, Evan Roth (of GRL & FAT Labs fame), had these stickers made up to read, “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE,” and placed […]

  3. Jerry says:

    badassmotherfucker. you are so incredible!!

  4. Nancy Bittemann says:

    Wow, you people are cruel. Screw the people who work in those stores, I guess, huh? Maybe you should make one that says “have fun scraping these off, low-paid peons! I hate poor people!”

    That would be a more honest explication of your intentions here, wouldn’t it?

    This was a real dick move.

  5. tobi says:

    haha I love it! also the comments: “analog Pirates of the Amazon” so.good. OR “This was a real dick move.” – just like a reaction we got on PotA: “..fuckin stupid especially with the amazing price cuts amazon gives its customers…” – All about the lulz

  6. […] Even the words awesome, ingenious or amazing don’t do this justice. via F.A.T This entry was written by admin, posted on February 19, 2009 at 11:18 am, filed under Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. […]

  7. heather r. says:

    @nancy: “There are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something.” – Thomas Edison

    Just sayin’

  8. Vladimir says:

    On the one hand, amazing job!

    On the other hand, those poor sales people who have to remove all those stickers…

  9. Mr.Commentor says:

    Dang that sucks. You guys are dicks.

  10. john says:

    Wow this is not how you make a statement about copyright laws. This just makes a shit stain on the day of the workers in the stores

  11. some dude says:

    How does this benefit anyone? heather r. you defend it as “trying to accomplish something,” what exactly is this going to accomplish? Other than the previously mentioned of being a dick.

  12. Zm says:

    I dunno, if I was making stickers like this I’d sort of want them to be correct English… Free means “for nothing” so saying “for free” is like saying “for for nothing”. It’s technically incorrect and just sounds ugly.

    Good work though, I’m sure it’s really clever and funny.

  13. thor says:

    @Heather: What exactly are you guys trying to accomplish?
    What a wonderful idea, in a time when the economy is in the shitter and retail outlets are laying off employees left and right because of poor sales, we should deter people from actually spending money on things and instead get it for free online. wtf?
    I’m not against internet piracy, I’m broke and cant afford to spend money on frivolous DRM encrusted shit like movies and music, but seriously, if someone has money to spend, they should spend it. The only thing this is going to achieve is make more corporate entities think that internet piracy is hurting their business too. Your just gonna end up rallying more support for the wrong side of the fight.
    I though it was cool for a couple of seconds but then I thought about it, obviously you guys haven’t. Would the actual artist who made these tell my why he thought this was a good idea?

  14. Grebthr says:

    Not funny, not clever, just cuntish.

  15. Mr.Commentor says:

    I support free media/art/remixing and the rights of content purchasers to backup/copy said content.

    These stickers represent an arrogant attitude, one that gives little thought to its impact on the world and the perception of the free media/copyfighter movement.


  16. Merton Chorus says:


    Thomas Edison was a dick too. Read some history.

  17. Mattzog says:

    This isn’t copyfighting. This is is arrogant and childish and hurts the cause. Way to go.

  18. LM4K says:

    Nancy Bittemann, it is really hard to fit “have fun scraping these off, low-paid peons! I hate poor people!” onto a 3.5″ sticker, but for you… I will try!

  19. Leonard says:

    Everything is free. Just take it without paying. Cars, jewelry, fine wines… these things can be yours for FREE!

    If you’re a cock.

  20. ttttttbbbbxx says:

    some people are just too blinded by the dictation of consumerism to understand that copying Zeros and Ones is NOT stealing and it doesn’t destroy jobs!!! It’s the opposite, it enriches the media landscape and brings back the power to the people who actually deserve it. The artists. NOT the big ass Media Companys who made Billions with SHIT in the last 30 years. It’s SO good to see them go DOOOOOOOWN!!! And if you loose your job at the DVD store, go find a new one working for an actual artist doing cool shit!

  21. thor says:

    Hey now… I’m all about fighting the man and all those corporate bastards the who get rich riding on the backs of the true innovators, but these stickers don’t help that cause. It’s a purely masterbatorial act of giving the middle finger to cooperate consumerism; it just makes the online community look like a bunch of selfish dicks. Which isn’t the impression we should be giving to the public when all this pressure is being put on governments and ISPs to police the internet and halt the flow of file sharing.
    Oh and Evan, thanks for the wonderful BB FAIL comment and link at the top of the page; obviously you didn’t think beyond the your own perception of what message this sticker conveys. Art is subjective, and any decent artist knows that they must take into consideration the message that it conveys to it’s audience. It’s a pretentious art student mentality to blame the audience for “not understanding me.”

    @ttttbbbbxx: I’d like to live where you do, around here your damn lucky if you have a job at all.

  22. Broken Titties says:

    Lets fix the world by paying for CDs!

  23. Tom, Mattzog's Friend says:

    In the immortal words my father once uttered to me:
    You think you’re funny, but you’re full of shit.

  24. […] It can be found at F.A.T. Share and Enjoy: […]

  25. Walter Wingnut says:

    Putting those stickers on vintage vinyls – now, that is low.

    The whole project radiates pointlessness. Though I must confess, I think those stickers do look sorta nice on those Microsoft packages!

  26. Alex says:

    That’s pretty weak. Having worked in retail for a long time, I can tell you that at least 1 kid is going to have to stay late to clean all that stuff off before the morning.

    That’s not cool.

  27. […] stickers that say “Available Online For Free” and then pasting them to real-world merchandise that will have to be removed by retail workers […]

  28. Mick says:

    Hey i’m an artist who had to get a part time job because people kept downloading my art for free. Thanks for “putting the power back into my hands.”

    you guys are asses.

  29. prapra says:

    Cool, you guys think people shouldn’t be paid for hard work and that you deserve to listen to their stuff for free “unless you really love it.” Trash.

  30. Mike says:

    I should print out my own stickers, so if I ever see someone put one of these on an album, I can slap one on their forehead that says “CERTIFIED ASSHOLE”.

    God forbid someone put in the time, effort, and money to create something you enjoy, then ask you to pay a few dollars for it. Hey, next time you need a mechanic to fix your car, why don’t you just drive away without paying?

    Aside from loving music, I have no vested interest in the music industry- I’ve never worked for a label, never been in a band, and never even worked retail. I just don’t like to see people who work hard get persecuted by dickheads.

  31. Hank says:

    Yes, rock bands are equivalent to Bernie Madoff. They are all corporate assholes who all ready have billions of dollars, and just do whatever they can to get more from poor saps like you.

    Or you’re just douchebags.

    The best thing about this is seeing that a vast majority of the comments are of the “you guys are dicks” variety. At least some people on the Internet have some sense. And ttttttbbbbxx, how exactly does not paying for an artist’s music bring the power back to the artist? Sure, their record label doesn’t get any money, but neither does s/he.

  32. Callum says:

    hah, that’s great! i think i’m going to print a roll of these off myself. although i think it should specifically read:

    “you can get this shit online free”

    –certainly some care should be taken not to deface any ‘art’ that may well be on sale, but in that wide-subjective pool ‘School of Rock’ and ‘Indy’ just don’t cut.

    and to Mike… the struggling artist. you’ve got a part-time job again because you’re stuff’s no good. give it up kid, you’ll never make it. read: Radiohead.

    to everyone bubbling about the poor kid who’s got to clean this shit up, don’t worry- the poor corporate douche does get paid! related: thesad thing is that no one (now pointing at you) wants a dvd with a sticker on it, i bet you’d actually take it up to the counter and ask for a ‘new’ one. precious materialistic fucks.

  33. Jones says:

    Callum, you’d be surprised by the number of signed acts who are unable to make a living because of illegal downloading.

    If someone takes the time to make something, and you want to have it, shouldn’t they be paid for it? It seems really simple.

  34. Chris says:

    I look forward to you sprinkling gasoline over the shelves and setting light to them next week.

    That would sure show them, eh?

  35. prapra says:

    I’m surprised the F.A.T. retards aren’t commenting more trying to tell us how we don’t get their utopian artistic collective revolution and to just shut up and let them tell us what we should think. The truth is, if this shit isn’t worth buying, then don’t buy it AND don’t download it. Instead, download or create something that’s intentionally provided for free.

    [Disclaimer] If this was really just done for trolly lulz and not out of some pothead’s idea of cultural revolution and fairness, then I take it all back.

  36. DJorn says:

    I don’t have a problem with downloading copyrighted material for personal use. I do it myself and continue to spend money on music and DVDs as well. However, encouraging others to do the same under the guise of creating some sort of movement is f-king bullshit. You guys are worthless assholes.

  37. Frolie says:

    It will be great when no studios can’t afford to produce anything because ass holes steal all of their products. The funny thing is you idiots are encouraging people who use things like ad block and screw you out of revenue, despite the fact they visit your site daily.

    People who steal shit that they enjoy are fucking pitiful.

  38. indielabel says:

    Vinyl is NOT available online for free. And you’ve ruined the LP covers.

    Really, if you’d restricted this to heavily marked-up Microsoft products and over-priced chainstore DVDs, you might have had a moral argument here.

    As it goes, your scattershot assholism will provide the RIAA with their first piece of good PR in their entire existence.

    Well done.

  39. Jared says:

    Man, you guys are so anti-establishment. Way to stick it to the miserable hourly wage-slave that sits there and scrapes all of these off. It’s not enough to steal from the artists and software developers whose work you enjoy, you need to advertise it and be a self-important fuck about it. Maybe next, you can eat in an Applebee’s and then run out without paying. That would be so fucking punk rock, dude.

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  43. Djangon says:

    Studying media science and this is seriously not a good way to deal with the problem… But what the heck, its true! XD


  44. added says:

    hate to be a party-pooper but people buy vinyl to play on decks or because they like to have authentic cover art, so no bad idea – we understand your message, but wrong context there.

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