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My cats, Io and Milo, have the standard cat toys. You know like mice and uh… mice. They get enough mice at home since we live above a bakery. I decided to quickly whip up some cat toys of things they like to play with. I started with yarn (Io loves to destroy it) and Milo (Io loves to attack him).


1. Draw an image. Photocopy it. Make a screen using your handy Gocco or other screen printing tools.
2. Ink the screen to make screen prints.
3. Print the custom cat toy image on felt.
4. Sew around the image. I actually hand basted around the shape and then machine sewed it. Leave an opening to turn it right side out.
5. Turn it right side out. Wasn’t the opening helpful? Stuff the toy with fiberfill and add some catnip for cat enjoyment. Hand stitch the opening closed.
6. Watch your cats’ enjoyment of their custom cat toy.

Any suggestions for more custom cat toys? I was thinking about bras and cockroaches, which are two other things my cats enjoy.

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Posted on March 4, 2009


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James Powderly
No big news to report, but James has been visited by the US Embassy and it sounds like he is safe and doing okay. This was the first time anyone from the US had seen or heard from James in 4 days so it is a relief.

UPDATE 8/23:
Apparently James was detained while asleep in his hotel. (Oops maybe we should let James tell the story. The embassy has told us that he was at his hotel.) I have to imagine that was a pretty scary experience. The consul, by treaty, can only visit US citizens once per month, so they cannot go and visit James again. I hope that China decides to release all of the US citizens before 10 days.

Students for a Free Tibet are planning some events this weekend in NY:

This weekend in New York City, Students for a Free Tibet in conjunction with other Tibet Support Groups and local Tibetan communities are hosting a weekend of events to mark the end of the Beijing Olympics and continue the call for Tibetan freedom and human rights. This weekend’s events will be an opportunity to show solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet, to support the ten brave SFT activists that remain in “administrative custody” in Beijing, and to project the message declared by Alice Speller (former National Coordinator of SFT UK) during a press conference in Beijing on August 22nd, that “This is not the end of our campaign, this is only the beginning.”

Address of the Chinese Consulate: 520 12th Ave, New York, NY 10036
Address of the United Nations: 42nd St and 1st Ave

August 23, 2008
At the Chinese Consulate:

10:00AM – Tibetan National Anthem
10:05AM – Tibetan Uprising Song
10:10AM – Word of truth
10:20AM – Speeches (TWA, TA)
10:20AM – Protest
12:30PM – lunch
1:30PM – Human chain formation starts
2:30PM – 3:00PM – HUMAN CHAIN

At Times Square:
3:30PM – Wangchuk Shakabpa
3:40PM – Zurkhang Karma Gyatso
4:00PM – Sean Su
4:100PM – RTYC Rep

Aug 24, 2008
At the United Nations:
11:00AM – gathering
11:30AM – Tibetan National Anthem, uprising song, words of truth
12:00PM – 1:00PM – lunch
1:00PM – Reception for protestors deported from Beijing
1:30PM – Introduction Speech by Tsering Palden
1:40PM – Wie Jiangsheng
2:00PM – Uyghur Rabiya Kadeer
4:00PM – March Starts from UN

At the Chinese consulate:
5:00PM – Slogans at the Chinese Consulate
5:05PM – Rajiv Malhotra
5:15PM – Bob Thurman
5:30PM – Rangzen Song
5:35PM – Thank You Speech
5:40PM – Rangzen Flame Lightning Ceremony

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Posted on August 22, 2008


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