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Hey All,………….so I have a show right now at the Whitney called Pro Tools, please check it out if u r in NY. I wanted to point out that the brochure from the show which contains an essay and pics of works is now available as a PDF here for download. But more importantly, the brochure is actually available in two forms, one is the hard copy you can pick up for free at the Whitney, and the other is the above PDF download. In the version of the brochure at the Whitney, since it was printed by a professional printer which has the ability to print on the backs of pages, I had the back of each page be one of my Photoshop Gradient prints (I’ve been making a bunch of prints in the last few years with default Photoshop gradients FYI). Therefore you will notice the brochure at the Whitney has no staple, … that’s so you can take it apart, and have 8 FREE PRINTS. Enjoy! But, don’t fret if you are not in NYC, …… cause if you have downloaded the PDF, it is designed to be printed out all at once on a desktop printer, and then folded along the center length wise, after which it will turn into a small booklet. :)

Posted on June 27, 2011


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