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Saw this on boingboing and made me think it might be a nice FAT/GRL project kind of in the vein of POV Cam – tools for graffiti writers/activists to stay anonymous in the city. This one uses a super bright IR LED array to overwhelm the CCD of the camera. Looks super dorky but the same principle could be applied to under the peak of a baseball cap or through the front of the mesh.


Michael Naimark takes the laser approach, describing in his paper different ways to setup lasers to target a camera. I especially like the idea of cheap laser pointers on mini camera tripods to fix the laser on the target and then just leave it there until the battery runs out. Could also be combined with the soon to be released GRLv powerthief as a way to have it everlasting!


For embedded systems Infra Red Lasers might be a dope solution. The laser would not be visible to the human eye so it would make finding the source quite difficult – yet it would have the same effect on the camera. They can be made quite easily – it is just a matter of removing the IR blocking filter from the laser pointer and replacing it with some Kodak Wratten 87C (or developed film). Anyway thought I would get some ideas going. Lets make some 2008 era, James Bond worthy tools!

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Posted on February 24, 2008



  1. fi5e says:

    Yo, lets make GRL mesh baseball caps with CCTV blinders….. right now.

  2. theo says:

    yeah lets do it – it’ll give us something for the store as well!

  3. fuck man i did that as a project last semester. so much for documentation!

  4. theo says:

    IR Laser – or the LED approach?
    Got anything online about it?

  5. I had emailed those dudes about posting some maf’ckin *instructions* about their project but heard nothing. Curse the closed source techart world.

    Let’s build two of these YESTERDAY

    I like the hat idea but lazer targetting is an acceptable alt. Can we use hi-power lazer pens?

    Anyone have access to a legit CCTV setup so we can monitor the feedback?

  6. kollege says:

    is under construction

  7. ihatetrafficcams says:

    why not put a bunch of these around a car license plate to kill those pesky red light ticket machines

  8. […] See this page for ghetto anti-surveillance technologies. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack […]

  9. Rory UK says:

    Yeh. And what happens when someone gets raped and murdered and they have no leads?

    I hate CCTV as much as the next guy but sometimes its in key areas to help people out, Its just starting to be abused now is all.

  10. Emrah says:

    I have a 3W IR LED here, and I tried it with my CCD camera long time ago, works just fine. Just drive it with an 15Ohm resistor if you’re using 12V.

  11. Emrah says:

    0.5W resistor ;)

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