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I’m excited to announce the official launch of a new project I’ve been working on with Mozilla. Mark Up is an online statement of solidarity in support of a web that should remain open, free and healthy. It’s similar in concept to an online petition where everyone is invited to add their signature, name or mark. Each mark is rendered in 3D using HTML5 and connected end-to-end to form a continuous line, representing a unified global statement on the fundamental importance of an open and free internet. Add your mark and become part of the line that connects you, me, Lawrence Lessig, James Boyle and many others:

Mark Up is an open initiative with both the data and source code freely available. All of the marks are saved as .gml (Graffiti Markup Language) and can be used interchangeably with many other applications.

For any data nerds, the entire collection of marks will be made available here and updated periodically as the site grows.

Much of the credit for this project goes to Laura Mesa and many very busy Mozillians. Development for the project was done primarily by The Barbarian Group.

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Posted on June 8, 2011



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