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000000book, August 2010 stats: 20,000+ tags, 8,000+ devices, 1,000+ registered users, 20+ applications, 7 programming languages, 3 robots

We’re proud to present the latest version of (Blackbook), the open database for storing & downloading Graffiti Markup Language files.

000000book lets you upload your own GML tag data, browse others, and download any tag’s GML for playback in desktop apps like Graffiti Analysis 3.0 and web apps like Canvasplayer. Software developers can easily upload tags from their own graffiti applications using 000000book’s RESTful API, for which no signup or authentication is required. For more info check out our intro to 000000book and API docs.

This release incorporates contributions from over a dozen members of the graffiti-hacking community, and GML-compatible applications are now available for tools like markers, lasers & eyetrackers, devices like the iPhone, iPad & Android phone, and bad-ass hardware like 6-axis CNC mills, automated paintball guns, and giant robot arms. We are not joking.

Lifecycle of a digitized graffiti tag

000000book website updates

  • Mobile device pairing – enter your iPhone, iPad or Android handset’s unique ID to automatically have your tags attached to your 000000book account – check out your settings page.
  • GML image generators – no more ugly missing thumbnails! Apps can attach a custom image when uploading their GML tag data (e.g. FatTag Deluxe), but now 000book will create a thumbnail for those who don’t. Powered by the mighty GMLImageRenderer by Muharrem Yildirim (Python) – thank you!
  • Multiple tag players – in addition to the Flash GML Player by Todd Vanderlin we’ve also integrated Canvasplayer, a simple HTML5 GML playback demo made using Processing.js. We’d like to add your apps too! Please get in touch if you are making something embeddable on a webpage.

000000book API updates

  • Search tags by keywords – looking for all “katsu” tags? No problem. This powers Graffiti Analysis 3.0’s new “RSS tag feed” feature and is based on work by ps / TPOLM
  • GML syntax validations – why did that tag upload fail? Now you’ll know! 000book will return errors, warnings & recommendations when uploading GML via the 000book API — interactive debugger coming soon.
  • Post-upload redirect options – after uploading a tag you can choose to send the user to a custom URL, back where they came from, or to the previous page (via HTTP_REFERRER)
  • Check out the API Docs for more info.

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Posted on August 31, 2010



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