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Yesterday we announced the GML 1.0 spec, a canonical reference for what constitutes Graffiti Markup Language. Today I’m pleased to announce the GML Syntax Validator, a tool to help developers working on new GML applications debug & optimize their Graffiti Markup Language files. Just say “NO!” to bad GML.

A “Validate This” button is now available in the sidebar of every 000000book tag page, or you can upload GML directly via file, form, or a simple API. Check out some example usage.

This is a beta release and bugs/feedback are much appreciated — please email me & Evan or hit up your friendly neighborhood GML mailing list

What does it validate?

  • overall document syntax (valid XML)
  • presence of all required GML tags (bottom of the page – drawing, stroke, tag, pt, x/y)
  • verifies point data falls between 0.0 and 1.0 values
  • client description (info about your app)
  • your <environment> description (e.g. <up> vector & <screenBounds>, since all screens are different)
  • recommendations — e.g. adding a consistent <uniqueKey> value, like an iPhone UUID or hashed computer MAC address. This allows users to enable 00000book device pairing for tags uploaded from your app

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Posted on September 2, 2010


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